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So I'm trying to grow for my woman. She smokes for the anti-anxiety effects and as such, we decided to grow Strawberry Cough. Along with our order came an Afghan-Mazar blend. I hope I spelled that right.

We've got a space picked out and the lights should be up soon. I'm starting with CFLs hoping that will keep the energy costs and heat down. I hoping to vent through a dryer vent in the room we're growing in. Do you think I should be worried about smell with only 2 plants? Should I be looking at carbon scrubbers now, or later?

The Afghan seed cracked last night and has already started showing a taproot. The SC though, I'm not sure. We got 10 seeds and none of them sank when we put them in water, at least right away. The one seed we're trying to germ finally sank after about 6 hours in water and I went ahead and put it in a wet paper towel. Do you think it's viable? Is it possible that it'll still sprout even though it didn't sink?

Last newbie question. We're planing on going with organic soil seeing as she has chronic pain (she might have fibromyalgia) and I don't want to aggravate anything with chemicals. What kind of soil should I use? I know Miracle Grow is a no-no but I don't really know what to get. Oh and I can't tell online, is Botanicare's line organic?

Thanks ahead of time and I'll get pics of the grow room and the little ones up ASAP.


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I planted the Afghan yesterday. I'm really excited. I haven't tried to grow anything since a bean plant in 6th grade, haha! The Strawberry Cough started to germ last night, whew. I was nervous that it wouldn't. I'm gonna give it one more day to get a taproot going and then I'll plant it.

I'm nervous, and excited, I hope I don't mess this up. Still working on pics. I will some have up soon.

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Don't be nervous Mac, you did the best thing by starting a journal. We have very good people here that will help you have a successful grow. Don't be afraid to ask questions.
If smell is a concern then you may want to start planning to get a filter. one plant can stink up the place without a problem and then some won't. Safety and security first...
Most of us dirtbaggers here prefer Fox Farms soil, but just look for a soil or mix that doesn't have any time-released nutes in it.
A little bit of searching the site will go along way, everything you need to know is at your finger tips. So check out some of the links in my sig, and I wish you and the wife a successful grow of some good medicine.... Check out the pic link, it will get you on the right track with the pics... :ganjamon::peace:


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Thanks for stopping by Be IRIE, and thanks for the encouragement!

I've looked into the Fox Farms stuff some and it seems that's what everybody is using. Do you know, are their products organic? I'd really like to go organic on this grow. There's a hydroponic store not too far from here that I think I'm going to visit.

The Afghan sprouted this morning, I have a picture that I'm gonna put up here in a bit. I'm going to the store now to get a light. (I wanted to make sure that I didn't have a deaththumb first. lol) I'm also going to get some potting soil so I can get them moved when the time is right.

Thanks again everyone. :ganjamon:

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It is........ Some organic nutes that I have had luck with are the "age old" grow, bloom, and their kelp/fish mix. Budswell is great for flowering and I have just started using the "earth Juice" series. Some of the different guanos have worked well too.... Keep it green... :peace:


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Thanks Pitviper, and thank you for checking out my journal!

That's really good to know Be IRIE, I never looked at myself as an environmentally-conscience person but something about these little green plants makes me want to hug a tree or something. LOL. I went to Lowes today to pick up some supplies (I'm having to stay within a fairly tight budget.) and I found some potting mix called Jungle Bloom. Some of the proceeds go to saving jungle animals and I couldn't resist.

Speaking of my shopping trip, this is what I returned with:

- A 4' shop light with 2 GE Aquarium/Plant bulbs. They produce 3800 lumen together and they're light temp is 6700k.

- 40 quarts of potting mix

- A fan to keeps our ladies (hopefully, my fingers are crossed) cool

- A couple of tables to put them on

- Some liquid fertilizers. I'll put on here what brand and all but I know one is a bloom booster with 15-30-15 for that special time.

After, we went to Wallyworld for some other supplies and my woman came up with a really good idea. I'm still trying to get some pictures together to put on here and when I can, I'll tell you the idea. This way you keep coming back to see! =)

I still need to get a scrubber put together which I'll do here in the next few weeks.

Thanks everyone for the tips and dropping by. We really appreciate it.


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looks like you've done some research.
good luck with your grow.
after about a month under the 4' shop lights for 24/0 or 18/6 the plants will be nice and big.
they'll stink too.
with just one plant in the closet its reeking up my room even with a small air purifier.
but you have some time before its becomes a notice to most people.


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So I finally got some pictures!

My grow room:

Her great idea:

It's trash bags! She's a genius!

The Afghan-Mazar:

Is it okay that the stem is purple? I read that it might be genetics?

Strawberry Cough:

Somewhere in there is a germinated SC seed. Is the soil wet enough?
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Well that's very nice of you to grow for your woman. ;-) My suggestion right now, would be to replant your seedlings, so they are at the top of the cup you are using. They are too far away from the light right now and will stretch too much.


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Thank you Ms. Fox. =)

That's not going to traumatize them too much, is it? I have another foot or so of chain that I can use to lower the light. I think you're right though. I'll get them replanted. I should just add them to more soil, right? I don't think I should expose the roots.

Also, how do I add reps? I want to give props to all those helping me.


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So there was a slight emergency. I found the SC seedling. It was growing up the side of the cup it was in. Apparently, when the seedling was put in the soil and watered, it rolled to the side of the cup. When I saw it, I immediately cut the cup down and pulled it out. I then moved it to the middle of the cup. There's a picture below, it looks a little deformed, I hope it'll be okay.

I've also included pictures of the Afghan Mazar. It's stretched a little but I think that lowering the lights will help. (Thanks Ms. Fox!)



The Grow Room:

And as soon as I can give reps, I'll get everyone back for the advice and encouragement.

Thanks again everyone!

:thanks: :yummy:


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looks like your off to a good start. good quality seeds. be sure not to overwater the seedlings, and make sure you have good drainage holes in the bottoms of the cups. it dosent take long for mold to set in at the bottom.

indo smoke

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looks good so far, the more lights the better. in a week or 2 you should look into purchasing fox farm grow big.. i really notice a difference when its used.
great start


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Thanks everyone for the comments. I gave reps all around.

I did lower the lights and we talked about more lights. I'm sure this is an obvious 'yes' but will they make that much more of a difference?

Also, I made an exhaust fan from a computer case fan and an old phone charger I had sitting around. The output of the charger is only 4.8v though, so I'm not getting the 89.3 CFM that the fan is rated at. I'm guessing somewhere around 35-40 CFM so that'll make the room air change around once every 10-12 minutes, is that okay? I'm wondering if I shouldn't go buy a DC adapter that'll give me the 12v for the fan.

Here's a pic of the fan:

Thanks again everyone! :439:


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I'm also now starting to get concerned about ambient temperature and relative humidity. My grow space is in an outside closet that has no access to HVAC. I live in FL so it's really humid and it gets pretty warm in there (High 80s lately).

Should I be concerned? I have a fan in there to move the air around and I've got the exhaust fan to help get new air in.


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Your welcome! The one you found on the side looks great! You will be surprised how hardy cannabis is. ;-)

Rep points - Look underneath your avatar in your box. You will see a green circle (showing you are online) and next to that green circle is the icon you click on to add rep points. It looks like a old school scale. You can click on anyone's rep icon when you like their post. ;-)
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