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Our New Vaporizer Rocks!


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My wife & I jus recently bought a 'VaporWarez', and I gotta say....
WHOA!!! This thing's really effective at givin that buzz, without so much
wear and tear on the lungs!!! And I mean trust me~~~if you got COPD like me, an your'e done wastin time with tobacco cigs to save ur life~~~you
jus gotta try Vapin it.....I'm 3yrs no cigs clean, but I LOVE MY WEED!!!:allgood: Sure we pack a bowl, an smoke a couple doobies:cool027:
cause my lungs have gotten so, so, much better~~~still~~~I know this
is one our best investments ever!!!


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Re: Our new Vaporizor Rocks!!!

Vaporwarez, with the 5 yr. warranty, is probably the best of the box vapes. Good cust. svc. too.
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