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Out Of Pot: With No Supply, Tacoma's First Marijuana Retailer Closes Temporarily

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The sign posted in front of Tacoma marijuana retailer Rainier on Pine told much of the story. "Sorry We Are Closed! Sold Out!! We will open again soon when more product becomes available." The rest of the story resembles the tale told by Seattle's first pot retailer, Cannabis City, which opened in early July and closed a few days later. "There were a couple of key deliveries that didn't arrive on time," said Paul Schrag, business development director at Rainier.

Contacted Tuesday, Schrag said, "We're working to get more packaged and delivered, and working to get a clearly defined supply chain established. There's a lot of competition for the supply there is." He said he has been contacting growers and processors across the state, and has found that "a lot of processors are trying to stay local, and it's not worth it for them driving across the mountains when there's someone local to buy the product." Rainier on Pine sold the last of its first pot stock on Monday after selling at least 90 percent on Friday, the first day the store was open to the public. Some 900 customers that first day were limited to a maximum purchase of four grams of packaged marijuana. The store grossed $42,000 the first day and, even with limited supply, sold a total of $17,000 worth of product on Monday. Rainier on Pine Executive Director Don Muridan said Tuesday that he hoped to have a new supply available by Friday.


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