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Outdoor 2020: Who Else Is Starting Already?

East Coast Marley420

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This year I am getting a head start. Out of all the seeds I have, it was very hard to decide on which ones to grow outside. So I just went with what I have the most of, to make it easy.

Super Skunk Kush from Garden of Green, and Respect 4 Gorilla from Expert Seeds


The plan is to fully train the Respect 4 Gorilla horizontally to keep more exposure to the South, while I only tie the Super Skunk Kish back once, pulling it to the North. It was a toss up between which one gets what, or if I trained any.
I have clones from my 4 indoor strains, I am getting them ready for outdoor, Rockstar, Cinderella 99, Gorilla Glue #4 and Northern Lights, I also have seeds started from a AK 47 plant that I pollinated a few years ago, the male was a kush type strain, germinated 8 and 8 are growing, I am anxious to see how that turns out, will be a busy summer lol
Good luck, hope you have a successful grow :peace: :rollit:
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