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Outdoor Auto extravaganza, 8 strains.

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Hello every one!!

This is my first post here on 420 and hopefully it will be a good one!
Finaly spring is here and I have all of my AF strains ready for this years guerrilla grow extravaganza. I will be planting at 2 different locations.

Would love to start all of the seeds of indoors, let them sex and then plant them but that is just not possible right now. What i did was starting them outdoors in pots, we have a big slug problem were a live and the pots help to keep them away (will also be using some "snail of", very effective pesticide against slugs). After the plants have sexed and grown to decent size they will be replanted in the ground, to give them more root space and to be more under cover. Some seeds were planted straight in to the ground as I ran out of pots....

The starins Iam growing are as follows:
Nirvana Sky, Super Auto from Flash seeds 15 seeds
MI5 from Short stuff (reg) 20 seeds
Onyx from short stuff(reg)10 seeds
Purple Mazar from Flash seeds (reg) 15 seeds
Speedy Gonzales from Flash seeds (reg) 5 seeds
Short Stuff 1 (reg) 5 seeds
Mystery Kush from short stuff (fem) 4 seeds
Star Ryder from Sag not real auto (fem) 1 seed

The seeds were put in to soil on 25/4 ahd 100% germ rate with all seeds except the freebie mystery kush. They were all put in soaked paper towels for 2 day to sprout. As it was only 2 days i still planted the 2 mystery kush steeds that hadnt popped.

Wish me luck and feel free to just watch, comment or help me out along the way. Ive grown outdoors for a long time but not done Autos on a big scale before. So all you outdoor auto growers please let me know about your experiences, tips and trix.

I love taking photos of guerrilla grows so I will try and keep you all happy with regular photo updates.

If time is on my side today i might go to the spot and see how they do after 5 days in the ground, if not ill update next week when ive been out there checking on them.

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Having trouble posting pics in the gallery as im using a proxy... any tips on good proxys that work with that are appreciated. Will try this way instead...

Purple Mazar from Flash seeds grown under a 90w LED indoors. Hope they do as well outdoors, love this strain.

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