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Outdoor DWC system


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I’m an hydroponic’s beginner who try his first experiment in this fascinating cultivation.
I created a simple DWC system consisting of:
- 5 litre water tank;
- 3 hydroponics pots;
- 1 air pump;
I chose 3 different plants: wheat, greek basil (the one in the middle) and genovese basil.

The nutrient solution is prepared with the GHE flora series. Everyday I check EC and pH values (average values are EC=1.09 and pH=6.5).
The system is positioned outdoors, it receives light from 11:00 till 18:00.

Pictures show the plants after 9 days of cultivation.. what do you think about it? Do you have any suggestions?

Thank a lot!



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Interesting idea. An old friend that I went to school with has been running hydroponics (specifically DWC) in a greenhouse for a couple years. He said the biggest problem he runs into is the heat. He has to run water coolers the whole time. He lives in a tropical climate though so maybe it wouldn't be such a problem in a mild climate? I'm not sure.


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Thank you for your response,
well I know that is important to have the water temperature in a range between 17-25 °C.
I live in Rome and now the climate is very hot and humid, the water temperature could be a very big problem.. In fact for the next system I would use a insulation material for my tank, what do you think about it?
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