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Outdoor Green Crack South Central BC Too Late Budding?


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These were started from clones in mid February and grew indoor under T-12's for two months. Soil was sterilize high porousity, nutes were Sensi Grow two part A & B. I put them directly in the ground in mostly coniferous forest at 1800 feet elevation and left them to mother nature while I was away for a month. They were very wilted and stalks turned brown when I returned. I lost 7 of them. The 5 remaining survived numerous spring frosts. They started showing hairs the last week of August, so I then switched to Gaia Green 2-8-4 power bloom. Just put it on the soil surface and watered it in. Just did second Gaia Green feeding 2 days ago.
Is there anything I can do to get them to fatten up faster before the cold sets in?


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You lost your plants due to low PH in pine forest. If you grow in that kind of soil you need to up it with wood ash or dolomite lime. That GC looks fine though, and it's top shelf smoke too as I grew one myself this season and hands down it's just excellent skunk :rollit: What you can do now to fatten your budz is to keep giving them nitrogen and potassium till middle bloom, and very little phosphorus. Just stick to low NPK. If you didn't inoculate, do it. Then you can do some back budding when they're almost ready, which is just snipping the top of top off, and that will puff them up a lil' bit.


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Thanks for taking the time to read and respond to my post. It is much appreciated. I'll get on it asap and see what they can do before mother nature puts an end to the season.
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