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So ive had some plants in the ground for a while now and lately theyve been growing just fine. Except for this one plant that started fine but now ive run into some weird leaf problems. Im not really sure what's up but im thinkin it'll probably grow through it. Let me know what you think.


This was it a bit ago^^^


This is it now ^^^




Let me kno what u think,


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maybe insect damage too.


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looks like high moisture and mould, are you in a creek bottom? are you nuteing them, also you need to top imo

check this out and please give your opinion thanks
Scaredeecat's outdoor grow

that is all mud on the stem cause the weathers been shit and rainin like all week long. its suppossed to be 80 tomorro tho. its not in a creek bottom just the ground is wet cause it rained earlier when those pics were taken.
no nutes so far not really sure how to be doin that when its in a stealthy spot.


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HS, I'm here to learn and share my brother.

Mostly learning since I've yet to complete an outdoor.

Wish you luck and take care.

plus reps for the journal and :welcome:

Jack DaRipper

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would have said to top it but you done it..besides that..looks like it just needs to dry out some and get some bug spray, which you done as well..


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HS, Ok Question.. what sort of soil did you start off with and what is (if you know) the soils ph you have them in now?

I also would FIM or just TOP my plants, always!



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A cheap soil ph test is about 3 bucks if you wanna find out...

I may just go with the native soil, but first I need to find out how much of this dolomite to use per plant or for a 2'x2' area..

Good luck bro. and take care.
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