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Hey All, Im considering my first full fledged outdoor grow. Ive had semi good results in the past with an indoor grow, but with spring right around the corner, and weather being really good down here, Id like to give the outdoor ones a try. Live right by the border so, cant have any plants larger than 5 feet just to be on the safe side. Iv already designated a good 4' by 3' area. Any particular suggestions on seeds or sources ? Also, since its my first outdoor grow, how long should i expect to veg? and once I do, how do I flower? In south texas we get lots of sun year round, and Im unsure when to expect the flowering phase. When should I plant? when a plant is displayed on sites as harvest: end of September etc, what is meant by that? If it takes about 8 weeks for that particular plant to flower, and if its planted in say spring, does that mean it veggs for about 5 months? Seems a bit long.:peace: Im just really confused on when to plant, how long to veg, and how to flower if I cant get autoflowring seeds. Any advice would help, Thanks alot, Jose.


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Dont put all your plants in one spot. If you do and someone finds them, your totally out.
You dont determine veg and flower cycle outside, nature does. The only way you could put them into flower outside is if you had the means to put them in the dark at a certain time everyday. Ive seen people try this by covering them, it worked but also contributed to moldy rotten bud because they didnt get enough air circulation.

If you want shorter plants, put them out later in the year or train them as their growing by tying the branches down.
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