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Outdoor Grow pH


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Howdy all,

So I have an outdoor grow of two Indica Strains, delicious candy & Barneys pineapple chunk.
I am in queensland Australia and it is the middle of our summer.

These two plants are part of a previous thread - Is my plant re-vegging? Is my plant re-vegging?

Hopefully that works.

Cut a long story short put them outside at the start of December after vegging inside for about 3 weeks a couple weeks later the candy started flowering and about two weeks later started re-vegging. Pineapple chunk has been growing normally.

So now the Pineapple chunk has started flowering and I am a little concerned because my PH is at 9!
Apart from the Re-veg dilemma I am having that seems to be showing no sign of reversing, still producing 1 leaf formations and producing airy colas, Both plants appear fine with such a high PH.

Some pics of the Ladies

Candy (Re-veg) Bent main cola because of height now have a multi cola canopy

attempting to form buds

Any observations/advice about deficiencies or the Re-veg please comment

Pineapple Chunk

Colas forming

I really want this harvest to be successful as these plants are quite large and I want to start giving them some liquid potash or canna Pk to help with the yield.

My question is will I be locked out nutrient wise?

The weather has been very hot and humid.

Soil originally was a loamy top layer with clay toward the bottom. I added basic garden soil, cow manure, coarse sand, dolomite, ash, and some blood and bone potash.

I bought some liquid sulphur to lower the PH but am a little concerned about adding it in the flowering stage.
Also paranoid about feeding liquid potash.

Any advice on both my dilemma's would really be appreciated.

Fuzzy Duck

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The single leaf normally happens when re vegging after flowering but some evidence points towards putting them out to early in the year & accidently reverts to vegative growth but should sort it self out in due time but needs further looking at !

Buds look fine to be honest that is just early stage bud it is quite normal.

Soil PH 9 ah well they sure do look healthy, you don't need dolomite for alkaline soils tho like yours this is normally used with acidic soil types to raise the PH level to near neutral levels, wood ash is pretty alkaline as well so use with care some thing to do with its Ca-calcium content.

When adjusting soil PH it is best to do it few months before planting out to get best results & what ya aiming at is a mildly acidic soil around PH 6.5 or so as general rule of the thumb.

As you have a reasonable high alkaline soil it would be best to amend with acidic amendments such as peat which will help buffer soil PH or you could use stuff like elemental sulfur which is the safer option but needs to be worked in months in advance to take effect other options are aluminium sulphate this stuff works quickly only a last ditch method tho use with care as to much may effect phosphorus uptake & large dosages may increase aluminium in the soil to toxic levels, the next one is ferrous sulphate (sulphate of iron) once again large dosage may mess with phosphorus uptake as well.

The liquid sulphur should be ok basically the smaller the particle the quicker the soil microorganism can break it down in to sulfuric acid & should take a couple or so weeks for the PH to buffer just follow the instructions carefully :thumb:

I'll add this for a lil added interest.

It is about the soil PH to make nutrients available.


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Thank you Fuzzy Duck.

The plants do look very healthy I just want them to get the maximum nutrients for the budding cycle. I don't want to lock out the Phos and Potas.

This will be the product I am using. I am thinking of using 50 ml to 2L water ratio as my soil is a sandy loam.
Please advise is this is the correct choice and if I should only do once every 4 weeks as stated on label.

As for the Re-veg, It seems like no one has actually gone through a full outdoor cycle and can give a concrete response.
Don't get me wrong I appreciate everybody's feedback , maybe more people have experience bringing back a plant already harvested as to a plant that has reverted back naturally during growth.
I would like to help others also by allowing this plant to get to harvest and not rip it out so we can have a larger knowledge base on natural re-veg.

Thanks again
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