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Outdoor grow - Sand


I am a experienced grower when it comes to indoor so I know most of my experience will still apply to even outdoor growing. I live in an area where it is all sand outside, I know that sand will drain well but might cut back on the oxygen levels for the root system. We tend to get a lot of rain through out the spring and summer months that should provide the oxygen needed for the plants, not including the feeding schedule for providing the nutes they need to grow properly which I have for both the veg and flower period.

So if I feed on a strict schedule along with the rain that we get the plants should do fairly well I would imagine. Any ideas and input on this matter will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks :Namaste:


I plan on using some compost that I have been curing for around 5 years now it is sand mixed with years of decomposing leaves, grass and other plant material.


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Compost cut with sand and shredded leaves is a good idea. I'd cut in a 4:1 compost/sand ratio + a bit of leaves, but you'll need some balanced amendments anyway to stay on the safe side. Think about adding worm castings, blood meal and bat guano, but do not add too much. Ah, and put plants straight in the ground. More vigorous roots mean more nutrients to handle, which means bigger leaves and bigger buds later.

My own outdoor mix is a little bit more complicated, but my plants look like that ATM.




Happy growing!
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