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Outdoor Grow (South East)


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Coming back more motivated and determined then ever!!!
Last couple grows were not well planned or executed properly so 3rd times a charm and let me tell ya outdoor growing is hard labor my case especially i respect outdoors growers hella of alot more now!! Also PLZ feel free to comment and help im still learning and always willing to learn!!!

Outdoor -(this time so no unexpected guest or B.S.)

Soil-3x3 hole with MG organic potting mix,10% perlite, wormbed soil,

Nutes- MG Bonemeal, Bloodmeal(wish FF was available)

(Started in ground sprouted 4/1/11)

Seeds-(IDK exact strain got lucky to find some good weed with couple seeds) 1 bagseed from kush, 2 bagseed supposedly purp(we will see) might start few reg. seeds for hell of it.




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2 more germing


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Hey guy. Thought I'd do a drive bye. See you had bad luck first couple times. What happened? If I might make a guess, it usually has something to do with to many people or just that 'One' wrong one knowing about your grow and someone steals it. I seen that alot more that once. I see your starting outside. Do you have a way to veg abit longer inside somewhere safe. When you put plants outside at the size I see yours at, they don't stand a great chance of making it. Snails, rabbits, deer even mice will eat them. I like to let them get at least about a foot tall before I putt em out. Gives them a good chance of making it if your growing far from your own yard. Planting this early could make a real monster. I see your using MG soil. One thing bout MG soil is it has time released ferts in it, so be careful when you use ferts on the young ones. I like to dress the bottom layer of dirt with the bone and blood meal. They are good time released fert's. Well they last for acouple months. They break down alittle with every watering. I've used MG soil myself a time or two. Just be careful of the fert's and the waterings. Alot of MG is moisture holding kind. You can over water your stuff. Well If there's anything I can help with yell at me. And I hope for the best for ya. Keep em Green


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thanks guys on stoppin bye my little ones are getting allot bigger sorry about pics been highly medicated and been forgetting my camera lol will get em up soon

thanks caliwood for info and yeah had an immediate family member that had to stay with me for little bit so i had to just tear all down and wait till they got there own place sucks but o well ,and no prob yet on critters or anything i cut allot of briers down and made Lincoln log style fence deal i got one more purp seed sprouted shouldn't be too long for i get it out there(PICS COMING SOON):lot-o-toke:


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Cool plants are alittle bigger than I seen. If I can ask are you growing close to home or what kind of area? Briers, they make for the best hiding spot. As long as you have a safe entrance area. And if a remote grow, you need to minimize trips, and cover the entrance good. Also you need a reason to be there. I grew afew years back on these islands in the Sacramento Delta. These sucker were whole islands covered in Blackberries, and maybe 10-15 trees on the bigger ones. That was a interesting grow that year. We put irrigation pipes and had alittle Honda pump that was pretty quiet. One would water and tend,and the other would go fishing round the island. Worked great, till we seen helios 'DEA' ones, pulling a rather large grow about a mile up river. We harvested to the sounds of helios. Hey you ever wanna see a vid check this one out. If you can find em all there are like 15 parts. Worth every min's very entertaining. The dude in here is a major activist in the MMJ thing. See if it works
YouTube - Prohibition Episode1
He did a great job on these vids. Enjoy and GL I'll Look back in a tad.
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Today is a very sad day, I got to my site to find my #1 kush plant dead :( feel like a failure. IDK what happened, i just had watered it two days ago, thinking rabbits or possum's....at first i was pissed and felt like i lost a pet or something but i got over it and decided that change was needed so i worked on and around my site for 5 hours straight(exhausting) not gonna let it get me down tho ill get picks up soon of other 3 .... also seen some termite looking insect's in the dirt would this kill a plant???

Also getting two grand daddy purp seeds from friend soon :)

im so ripd

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Personally i would put all your plants in big pots, and then surround them with chicken wire. Too many times have i gone out to see a plant stripped to its stem from a deer or other animal. But so far so good man, im in for this one. :goodluck:


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Ok guys i got three females so far , out of four pretty good and the other im still waiting on,

Group shot of all 4 the ones in cups are now in pots

This is the new addition my buddy gave me its defiantly a different strain then other three


here you can see the two

Biggest one and is gettin bigger everyday
its about two and half feet at 1 month

more coming soon

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Is this grow still alive?

If so, please update us with some pictures and info.

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I am moving this to abandoned journals until we get updates.

Thanks and hope all is well in your world!

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