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Outdoor grow... Using clones? Help out


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How much direct sun light should my clones get the first week trying to get them to graduate into the full sun light? How does the transition look? Should i put them out for 5-6 hrs a day and bring em back in under a light for the first week? Then will they be ready to be put out in the direct sun all day? Or should i put them in the shade for a week then in direct sun light for 5-6 hrs the 2nd week? Then put them out all day?
Anyone that could help?
Thanks again 420 mag!!

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I think some will have a different opinion on this but... WHAT I DO is take them out and for the first couple of days, set them in broken shade... (under a tree) that allows them to start taking the sun in but not so bright.
After a couple of days if they look good, put them in full sun, making sure they have enough moisture to take the heat. Also, if they are in black pots... watch the temps on the roots... it will cause damage is left unchecked.

It should only take about a week (IMNSHO) to have them ready for mother nature.

As long as the night time temps aren't too cold compared to your inside dark temps and your light regimen lines up pretty close to the outdoor schedule... you should be golden baby... best of luck.

Let me know if you have any more questions, I and others are here to help!
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