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Outdoor grow water table question


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Sorry... should have mentioned. Believe it or not, a 2 foot hole will be very damp with a small pool of water at the bottom. Technical data shows it at about 2 feet as well.
I have some pretty fat babies with a trunk about the width of a soda can. I usually think of plants going down as far as they go up. This might indicate that I'm WELL into the water table. Of course... would the roots even grow into an area with that much moisture in it.... seems like a great source of some sort of root rot.

David Bowman

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That sounds like bayou country and like it would be a mix of soil and hydro. I would say try one or two plants and see how they fare. If the roots don't like that much moisture, I would think that they would spread out more horizontally than normal instead of going too deep. As long as there is a large enough sutiable environment in the soil for the roots, then the plants should be happy.
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