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Outdoor Grow With Super Soil & Water Only Summer 2019


Grow Journal of the Month: October 2019
Hi all. I’m working on my first ever grow, and am growing outdoors with some plants in greenhouse and some out. I started my seeds indoors under LED lights and put first plants out may 19

Strains: Chocolope, Blue Dream, Bruce Banner, Bakerstreet, California Orange

Number of plants: 9
Seeds started April 1, so approx 11 weeks veg

Strain: green crack, CBD 20:1
Number of plants : 4 to keep, giving 2 away
Seeds started June 1
Container: 15 gallon grow bags
Medium: homemade super soil in bottom half and organic promix in top
Using water only, no nutrients

I’d love to have you follow along and would appreciate all feedback as this is my first time growing and know the learning curve is a steep one.



Grow Journal of the Month: October 2019
For the amount of space I should have I still ran out of room lol ended up giving way 6 so far and 2 more of my small ones are going. I’m afraid harvest time will be a challenge.


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Harvest time will in deed be a challenge. Need to invite friends and family over, cook them a dinner, and get everyone to help pitch in, for a baggy. I know people that make it a tradition and do it every year.

I’m subbed in and will be sure to follow along!! :thumb:


Grow Journal of the Month: October 2019
Unfortunately the plants I gave away were monsters in 15 gallon pots with super soil set up and just add water approach...to my family and friends that smoke. Gonna keep them busy...hmmm...hindsight. Lol.


Grow Journal of the Month: October 2019
This post is a story about “little big”. She is a 50-50 hybrid called California Orange and came as a bonus with seeds I ordered. Pics to follow
Little Big was planted on April first with all her cousin seeds and sprouted eagerly. When the leaves opened her first leaves stuck together and the stronger of the two ripped the other off completely. As the days went on she stood tall and proud with her one little leaf so I continued to give her water and watch. She didn’t seem to be doing much but she didn’t seem to be declining either. So I continued to wait and watch. 30 full days later Little Big was sprouting leaves, and as the days went by she continued to flourish.
Little Big resides in a side portion of the yard with 2 Bakerstreet plants. The area was is low lying and I have not given water to the plants since transplant in May 19 so I’m assuming they have found the water table.
The girls are now 85 days from seed and looking good. At least one more month of growing to go. She is the plant on the left



Grow Journal of the Month: October 2019
Three months from seed. The greenhouse is filling up quickly and I’ve now tied two plants to play the curve of the roof. The girls are approaching 7 feet at a rate so fast it amazes me daily


Grow Journal of the Month: October 2019
Three swamp coolers added to greenhouse today as temps soar over 100. Seems to be working well so far. Temp was 99.6 before and now 25 min later is 96 and dropping. Hope my ice machine can keep up!!


Grow Journal of the Month: October 2019
Thanks! The girls amaze me. They really are the most satisfying plant I’ve ever had. Every day I look and thing “OMG they’re big!” Then I go the next day and same thing. Every time I bend them down is like a challenge for them to see how fast they can make it back to the roof. Lol
Seriously addicted to cultivating!


Grow Journal of the Month: October 2019
13 weeks from seed and all the ladies are growing vigorously. The smaller girls are 5 weeks old now and the autoflower seeds have been shipped
I have continued to bend and train some of the largest plants and have started on some of the next girls to reach the top of the greenhouse. I have about 3 more weeks here before the light changes for me so will continue on my merry way enjoying the ride. The homemade swamp coolers were great for 3 days in a row over 100 degrees. Managed to keep the greenhouse under 90.
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