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Outdoor grow


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Hi everyone,
Just sharing some pics of my current outdoor grow and hopping to get some hints and tips.

My biggest girl started flowering about 2 weeks ago and is only 2 months old. I have recently just started using the flora trio by general hydroponics and I am seeing such a boost in growth.

All the plants are bag seed and unknown strain. It would be great if some one could give me any hints to what they could be. Also I think the seeds came from a hermi so I am hoping that these plants don't go hermi to.

I am growing my plants in a mix of osmoce premium soil with perlite and coco coir mixed in with it and this seems to be working really well.

I start of the seeds by soaking them in water for 24hours and then placing the seeds inbetween wet paper towel until they sprout. I then place each seed in separate red solo cups with osmoce seed starting mix with perlite and I got 100% success


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