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Outdoor Growing @ 9000' Rocky Mtns


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(1)This is my 1st outdoor grow. I'm growing in 5 gal buckets, a variety. will my plants sex around same time, and is there any time frame? (Indoors it is usually abt 10 days after 12/12 lite).

(2)I have some 6 inch plants I'd like to move outdrs. It's mid July, can snow at this elevation (9000'), mid-late sept. If plants aren't blooming by then, can I bring in and put under 12/12 lite?

(3)Can plants currently under 12/12 lite be moved outdrs?


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From my experience, the plants will pretty much sex outside at the same time (strain dependent). It would behoove you however to sex them first... mainly so you don't waste time feeding and caring for possible males. Also, you don't want one to get loose on you... bad ju ju!

I have known of peeps moving plants from the outside to the inside, it is a bit tricky as they will shock up some because it is so much different from outside ambiance.

Plants can be moved from 12/12 inside to the outside but, there again, it may be a shock to them if dark hours are way different from the outside.

All these things can be done, it is a weed and she is very adaptable to enviros... you will need to be really vigilant while making these kinds of changes.

Others may give a different opinion, that's all I am offering... cheers!
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