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Outdoor Growing @ 9000' Rocky Mtns


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(1)Do you think it is too late to move my 9" WW/White Rhino plants in 5 gal buckets fr indoor lites to outdoors?

(2)How can I early determine the sex of a plant?

(3)Any size rules for topping?

Thanks For Any Info!

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(1) no... but don't just throw them out in the direct sun. They need to harden off.
I use broken shade to introduce them over a period of about a week if they look like they are digging it!

(2) Familiarize yourself w/this writeup. You can usually pre sex at about 5 or 6 weeks from seed. I'm presuming they started from seed:
Female Pre-Flowers and Flowering

(3) I usually wait till I have 4 or 5 nodes. Then if the plant is healthy, I go for it!


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Thank you all info! I've a couple more ?s, if you don't mind.
(1) cuttings, can they be saved to grow at a later time, if so how?
(2) I've got some 6"er is 5 gal buckets, is too late to move outdoors now and will they mature to harvest outdoors? at 3000m or 9000' it can snow abt 20 Sept, but then it gets Indian Summer, temp above 40degrees?



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(1) Sure, wrap a damp paper towel around the stem and stick it in a cool place (I have used the refrigerator and - accidentally - that space between the couch and end-table among others). When you're ready to root them, cut off the end of the stem for best results.

Err... Depends on how much time you wish to keep them, of course.
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