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Outdoor Growing @ 9000' Rocky Mtns


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Night temps @ 9000' are between 30-45. This morn, I could see snow abt 12,000'. I just got rain. I brought my plants in. 1 is in late flower stage. After a close exam I found this plant was making seeds. I thought for sure I had removed any males within a few days of them showing themselves. Is it possible this plant is a morphi? I examined it in early flower stage and this plant showed female? Is it dangerous to other females? I've got other females in late flower that aren't showing any signs of making seeds?

I have some plants just beginning to flower, are they in danger?

Is this seed maker capable of impregnating these plants?

Any info will be appreciated!



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Try to remove the seeded plant else where. It could be a hermie, or that there's a near by male somewhere among the plants. Inspect carefully on every plants from top to bottom with a magnifying glass.

Removing the seeded plant or hermie plant will prevent any pollen over to other females. Put the plant away from the females at the furthest part of your private property while still hidden from the public and neighbors. Check online see which direction the wind blow from, have your male/seeded plants on the opposite side from the female. The wind direction from South you have the male at North. Preventing pollens transportation by wind.
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