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Outdoor Headband


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I received these seeds from a friend and planted them in the ground ( i started them inside, then @3 weeks in the ground).
Seed - Headband
Medium-soil, cow manure & ProMix.
Gemination - 24h's (paper towel method)
Flowering - 9 -10 weeks ( in week 8)

Here's a few pic's to get us going (some buds going purple due to cold weather )
Thanks for stopping by ( always happy talk shop )

Here's some pic's when i planted them


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Hi Antics, those baby plants are know 7 ft ( i kind went backwards on picture posting). Up north its the last weeks of summer before frost comes and will be chopped down this week (weather pending).
They smell like old socks and are quite dense .
The seeds came out of some buds I got from a friend.

I would not grow this strain outdoors , as its 9+ weeks,it is to long for us up North.


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Thanks Antics :Hookah: . I tried hanging the trees , but it took way to much space . I end up hanging the branches 6 days, then placed on net for another 24hr's ( I check buds every few hours ) and it seem to just make them perfect :thumb:.
I just finished jarring and came out with 60-70 grams (dried ) per tree :allgood:
I did notice indoor ( same mother ) seemed to have a darker texture (1st row).
First smoke -, I sorry to tell u , I got too stoned to know any better :rollit::woohoo::wood:
thank's for stopping by :Namaste: , J


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Thanks Equanimity , I see good thing to come .....:yummy:
I and going to finish off with 2 indoor Headband (under topgrowlight 144x 3w ) , then try some thing new .Would have double my stash ,if it did not get so cold last couple of weeks.


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Yeah that was the whole hemisphere; no gradual cool down, the heat just dropped right off. I grow indoors and got an ill thought out 600w hps inside a tiny cabinet so the chill was just the ticket for me... sorry lol

still, you've got enough weed there to put a herd of cows on their backs for a month.


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O shit :11: , i tried to dry in my garage but it's way too damp :rip: lost an 1 1/2 oz to mold...
2nd , I need to remember what strain's ....:33: - out of 50 clones , 15 plants made the full trip and 1 went hermi.:50:
My grow now included,
C-99 -, strain works best for me finished @8 weeks :roorrip: ( also tried 9& 10 weeks but too mild )
Headband- lots of white shiny stuff and smell different (lemon ,gassy ), So smooth and tasty-:Hookah:

Total take outdoor
Headband 8 plants , 14 oz dried, couch potato (Oh what to do :30::blunt::volcano-smiley::slide: )
C99 cinderella 7 plants, 4 oz dried , mild buzz with energy to do things( great daytime) :allgood:

Thanks for stopping by


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