Outdoor in Oregon - Greener Than You Think - 2016 - Multi-Strain


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After a few years of drooling over multiple threads on 420M, i've decided to give in &post some of my very own growing adventures. Endless knowledge is obtainable simply by seeing how others get along in relation to how you yourself are expressing your own personal touch.. &my friends, the possibility is endless from there. I have learned at least as many things as I already knew after 15 years of growing medical marijuana myself just from cruising forums on this very page. I am thankful for everyone here who has given me the courage to follow suit &display my grows in an area where everyone wins, where the information is endless &even the newest of cultivates are urged on to keep trying as hard as they can, it after all is a weed. Thank you again to all those who have influenced me here, &I hope that I can bring something to this wonderful table available to us.


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Re: Oregon: Greener than you think.

P.S. I am sorry but I just got off of work after ten hours &will start posting from the beginning of my grow tomorrow. I am one month in &already dealing with some monsters. Someone once told me the 45th degree parallel was the best environment for cannabis, champagne grapes, pretty much everything &honestly the growing seasons here just get better &better. Be prepared for full back track to beginning of grow season which we we fortunate enough to have start in the beginning of April this year. Cheers &thank you all for the patience. It was a long night at the office, haha.


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Thank you, Lester. I am familiar with your grows but now have the chance to introduce myself. How do you do, good sir? My name is miles. I am glad to have caught your attention as you were one of the members previously mentioned. I will be able to kick off this journal with a list of what is currently in the garden, pictures &backtrack to come shortly. This season I have already harvested one Cinex autoflower &currently have one blue dream along with four platinum girl scout cookies &one cherry pie o.g. vegging outdoors in the good old Oregon sunshine. I am blown away with the amount of growth shown so far this season. There should be another small forest in this wonderful green (and legal) state in no time. Have a great day, everyone.

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So just wondering.. I am on a mobile device &am noticing that I can't edit any of my information, see my own posts, etc. It won't even let me add pictures to my journal, only text. Is this normal, my fellow members?

I'm guessing you're using Android. We are experiencing a number of significant issues with this currently. You are certainly not the only one. Our tech support people are on the case and working to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

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Thank you, teddy. I appreciate it. I figured something was going on, I can't even reply to messages with the first message box, I have to skip it &go straight to the second otherwise it will delete everything &bring me to a fresh reply page. Frustrating. I hope my grow isn't done before I can even start my first actual journal post hahaha. I am keeping an old school original journal though &taking pictures of the girls quite regularly so if worst comes to worst &that is the case I can always refer to that &insert it all into the interwebs. Have a great day everyone, I recommend Montana Silver Tip for today, The Future (#1 or #2, they both loud as hell) for tonight. Hope to be sharing with all soon.


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Wooo Hooo!!! I think I got it figured out!!! Onto the grow!!! So my friends, I am backtracking a bit to the beginning of my outdoor season this year. Unfortunately I lost a few folders of pictures from this year but I will make due with what I have &then I promise to keep you all updated regularly once I get up to date. Ahem. So we will start with some pictures of a cut I was gifted from a dear friend, who had a strain of Cinex. Knowing I've been wanting to grow a big ol' bushy sativa Cinex he took a few cuts &I was lucky enough to get one of them. Or so I thought...


A beautiful, sturdy little cut. One I had extremely high hopes for. So I got a new 6 gallon home all ready for her, loaded up with plenty of blood meal, bone meal &fish emulsion to send her ripping through her veg stage until I could transplant her until her first all home. A week later I get a phone call from the good ol' boy who gifted me said Cinex cut. "Bro I don't know what is going on, but my Cinex has buds all over it." Turns out he had grown an autoflower version of Cinex &now I had a cut that had even less time to veg on an already 30 day veg period. The next day I notice this.


Then this.



So that plan was foiled in a matter of one week. But I grew it out anyways as Cinex is a personal favourite &was extremely impressed with the outcome. Have more pics for you guys as we journey through time &space into what is simply...

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Go to the bottom of the page and at the bottom of where the text box is a tab that says My Photos. Next to it should be a tab that says Restore Auto Saved Content and you click it.. I think. I'm sure there are other ways as well.


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So I'm going to start with the Cinex Auto, since that was what I kicked off my 2016 grow season with. That and another cut that I was gifted from a good friend called Oregon Diesel which boasts a 35 day flowering period. I ended up taking her down at 42 days, when the trichs were pushing 30% Amber.. as long as I really like to go. Which still is pretty fast but not no five week finisher like they say. Unfortunately the camera that had all my Oregon Diesel pictures as well as pictures of my other strains from this year got lost in an exhilarating downhill skate session.. apparently they aren't concrete-proof. So I will just focus on this Cinex Auto for this post. Sorry for the lack of pictures &detail but I do believe they are in order. Anyways here are some stats.

Strain: Cinex... Auto Surprise.
Container: 6 gallon plastic pot.
Growing Medium: FFOF amended with bone meal, blood meal &gardener &bloome's all organic 6-4-3
Flowering Period: Eight to Nine weeks. (I took it at nine.)
Indoor or Outdoor: Outdoor.
Seed or Cut: Gifted Cut.

So even though this didn't end up being the gigantic sativa bush I was hoping for, I still grew it out with the Oregon diesel &my other vegging photo strains that I started from seed outdoor. I love Cinex &will take any of it that is thrown my way, whether I have to grow out a midget plant or not. I could have been able to get it quite a bit bigger if I would have known it was an auto from the start. If I would have known this I... #1 would have immediately transplanted it into its final spot. #2 I would not have amended with all those high nitrogen nutrients to send it through veg since it has so little veg time, not to mention that organics take some time to break down &make it available to the plant. And #3 I would have just kept it indoors under 24 hour lighting because these plants are going to finish NO MATTER WHAT. well, light schedule wise; I mean.. I'm sure you could do plenty of things to keep them from finishing haha. Anyways here are the pics I have, hope they are in order for you guys.



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I chopped her down a few days after that last picture. She ended up yielding a decent two and a half ounces dry which was way more than I thought I'd end up with &like I said earlier, it is a strain favourite so I was stoked to get any off of it. I must say it also opened my eyes to auto flowering strains because this was my first experience, I always just wrote them off as some sort of gimmick for people who knew nothing about photoperiods &that the buds were super week sauce. So I got them tested &that was absolutely not the case. Unfortunately since her soil was so filled with nitrogen even after mad flushing she didn't want to lose any leaves &she stayed fairly bright green all the way through. I hope I can grow a clean photo cut or seed of this strain next year.. so far though, I've got too much on my plate to add a Cinex now. But I can always plan for the future.. Anyways hope that wasn't too lame of a first post, I am still getting the hang of things here at 420 &will bring you guys more up to date on my current grow as soon as I can. But I just worked a twelve hour day so I am drinking a few two towns bad apples, barbequing for dinner, vaping some cookie monster &taking a few rips of God's Gift for the remainder of the evening. God's Gift the strain, not ganja in general, haha. Which I suppose I will recommend for tonight. Have a goodnight, all. I am impressed with the turnout so far &hope more people can find this new thread where all can be free.. in the

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Oh yeah, so I had to restart that whole post after posting it the first time &having it disappear. &I looked EVERYWHERE for a restore auto save or anything that even mentioned an auto save &found nothing. Then magically today a "restore autoclave" button appears down below, right next to where it was only saying "my photos" before. I guess at least I have it now lol! Score!


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So I'm sitting here having a beer after work &the first thing I do is log on here haha, I'm addicted to this journal! Which is way better than the stuff the doctors &government had me addicted to. Luckily I've been clean off those toxic narcotics for over two years now. Ganja is all the medicine I need. So update, while the Cinex &Oregon Diesel were flowering away this spring I started some new photo strains for the summer grow period.. let's check out some stats..

Strains: Blue Dream, Platinum Girl Scout Cookies &Cherry Pie O.G.
Containers: Started in 1 gallons, transplanted to 5 gallons then to 35 gallon final containers.
Growing Medium: FFOF amended with blood meal, bone meal &gardener &bloome's all organic 6-4-3
Nutrients: Fish Emulsion through veg, Epsom &silica for micros.
Flowering Periods: Blue Dream- 9 to 10 weeks, PGSC- 60 days, Cherry Pie O.G.- 8 to 9 weeks.

Here are some pictures of the babies being tended to by my other half <3


Here is the Blue Dream that made it, ended up showing female.











So these pictures are before the final transplant, which I did into a bunch of 70 gallon plastic barrels that I cut in half. Here are some pictures of that..
























So that's the Blue dream &I think that's gonna do it for tonight, I will be taking regular pictures with updates of her as often as possible with my work schedule &whatnot. I hope you all enjoyed this fall through the vortex known as...

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So I was looking through all my files &since I lost that camera I only have a few pictures of the Platinum &Cherry Pie when they were about two weeks old, then I went back to take some more pics today &the dang weeds are taller than I am!!! So here they are at week two..



&then today.. jungle fever!


That first one is my only female Cherry Pie O.G., the rest are group shots of her &four female Platinum Girl Scout Cookies.



I will take them out separately for individual glamour shots soon, that way you can see each pheno, a through d. I know right now it just looks like a green veg jumblefuck but please, bear with me. Still getting the hang of these threads, I hope I'm doing alright. I haven't had much feedback since I've actually started my journal haha.

I also snapped a 360` shot of the Blue Dream today as I swear she's grown 8 inches in the last 24 hours hahaha, I love when you have to take four pictures just to get all sides of one plant.. means you're doing something right.






Anyways hope all are having a good night &can post up with some wonderous homegrown &alleviate all symptoms. I recommend Kryptonite for tonight's strain, after a long day at work. Enjoy, all!!!


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Thank you, Lester. Appreciate the feedback. Still getting the hang of things so hope it's not too boring. So plants are still vegging out at the middle of August &showing no signs of slowing. Even the shortest photoperiod plant is looking like it's going to end up taking the longest.. there are very small calyxes with only one or two hairs on the whole plant!! Whereas the Blue dream probably has at least half inch calyx pre flowers allllllll over it. So not much to report until flowering starts but I can at least show you the crazy amount of growth I've gotten in just this past week.

Blue Dream;









As they said when they whacked Tommy at his made ceremony, so that's that. Will try to take individual shots of the cherry pie &P.G.S.C. in the next few days, hope these vertical scrog blue dream pics will hold you all over until then. Is anybody even looking at this shit? Drop me a line. As always it is constantly free in...

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Hope all is well in your world.

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