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outdoor rescue after first frost


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Well I rescued this baby from the woods where she was being neglected and left out for the first frost. I instantly transplanted her into a five gallon bucket and mistakenly used pre fertilized soil from a bag I found outside my shed and started giving her warm sugar water. I switch between sweet water and nornal but the soil smells like dog shit with no manure label on the package and the leaves have gotten progressively worse now the larger fan leaves with more extensive damage are dried up and as I type in getting ready to go cut them off there's almost no green left and I could crumble the brown burnt leaves. What can I do to help maybe boil some bananas maple syrup and mollases with a cup or two of water give it some potassium and mag?? Idk but I'm worried she won't make it this problem is getting closer to the buds. I have access to a 250 watt hps and some plastic to create a closet tent. Any advice would be greatly aopreciated , the first week I was watering her agleast twice a day I was hoping I could flush any shit from the soil out now its once every two days or so.
I can take more pics upon request.
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