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Outdoor Shed Grow Help


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Hey guys,

Im looking to do an outdoor grow in my shed and now that its autumn its getting a little on the cold side.. On top of this, I will be away for a 2 week holiday during the first couple of weeks of flower.... my timing sucks....

Anyway, I was hoping to see if you think this is a possible situation to manage?

Im thinking along the lines of having a grow tent with some kind of heating and watering system inside it?

If you think a particular setup might work I could do with some recomedations on hardware :)




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While it is entirely possible to run an entire grow via timers and what have you, I would say leaving your grow unattended for two weeks is a bad idea.

short circuit,

So at best nothing happens. That is literally the best thing you can hope for.
waiting until after you take holiday, so you can supervise your grow 100% is the best course of action.


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I woudn't want to leave at during the flowering process. cause that's when you' need to be adjusting nutes and most ikey time for issues. I personaly think that is something you could do after you have a few grows done in the shed to get some of the bugs out the system and during a vegg growth.
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