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Outdoor temperature question.


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Right now our temps outside are averaging 68F for the high and 51F for the low.

I have plants inside that have popped and have been growing for 4 days.

I was hoping to get these plants outside within 2-3 weeks of planting them. But now I dont think it's gonna be quite warm enough by then..?

Our temps will be around mid 60's end of April...but can get as hot as 80+.

What would you recommend?


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Spring...! Yessss...!

Thanks for the help Akorn..

However, I found my answer on weather.com.
Most probably already know, but anyone wanting to know when the last frost or freeze in your area will occur...check it out.

A heads up like that is priceless I imagine.



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I found the last freeze for my area was listed as 4/20 on one site... :3:


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4/20 is a pretty safe date.


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If you can, give the plants some shade when the temp hits the high 80s
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