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Outdoor Wicking System - Stream Fed/Self Sustaining


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I am interested to gain thoughts on this system I have planned. There is a remote stream that would act as a water source for this system. It involves 2 five-gallon buckets for the primary structure. One bucket (reservoir) is buried halfway into the ground directly in the middle of the stream bed(sand bottom). The second bucket will sit just above the ground inside of the first bucket and will be propped up above the water level. I am wondering if people see this as a viable option to a self sustaining setup that would allow for little to no visitation from seed to machete.

Medium: organic mix on top with a layer of verm/perlite at the bottom which meets the wick.

Reservoir: 5-gallon bucket with natural flow from openings on both sides of stream to allow water flow without overfill. (Note: due to water rise I plan on having the verm/perlite mixture high enough to ensure it does not fill with water in the rainy months. I will also have some sort of filtration on both sides of the openings to the reservoir. This will keep clogs down ideally.

Nutes: Top fed organic options. With little visitation I do plan for a time release option and therefore will not be flushing.


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hey welcome to :420: G
my understanding of a wick system and your talking about a rainy season involved also
even with drainage is there any possibility of drowning the plants?
how close to this river do you plan to be?
and im gonna assume downstream for gravity purposes?
also note it may not be a good thing to not check your grow to pull any possible males out before they flower
its a good idea to stay away as much as possible but its a matter of what you have to deal with in the area also
can you give a diagram of how you plant to wick it?
I cant picture it off what your saying


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Let's just say the rainy season I speak of is minimal in comparison to Hawaii. As for sexing I will be working with verified female (clone). This stream is less than an inch of water in the summer months from my previous experience in the location. In the picture you can see that the medium will be elevated far above the water line and this is a glorified stream and not a river. I really appreciate your insight and honest opinion.



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it would work as long as it doesn't keep the roots saturated
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