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Hello everyone and welcome to my journal. I first want to say that it feels great to be back in the group!! I was away for far to long. I have done a lot of work since then. Made some major upgrades to my setup, moved houses all together. We had a hydro store just open in the area so that is what has got me going gain. I was getting tired of buying everything online and not knowing the quality and paying for shipping. Now i can just go in and say hey man i need this for my tomatoes ;)

Well one major thing i did this year is purchased some genetics from Herbies Head Shop. I just want to say that it was the best online ordering experience i have ever had, with anyone. Super friendly emails, incredibly fast delivery to the states, and great stealth shipping. All and all, 10 stars out of 5, i should have done this forever ago lol. Here are the seeds i bought.
Barneys LSD

WOS Sugar Mango Ryder Auto

WOS Kilamjaro

Buddha Magnum Auto Fem

And my freebies

And here we have my current grow setup. I have my whole 3rd room dedicated to the grow but the tent is just in the closet for now. I will be taking it out soon due to heat issues. To much shit in one little place lol.



My brand new 4 inch carbon filter

My new 4 inch inline fan with home made duct muffler :D

home made duct muffler (it works amazingly, like take 95% of the sound away)

And now on to the good shit, my little baby girl. I am growing the Buddha seeds Magnum Auto Fem. This auto strain is supposedly the worlds biggest and most bad ass auto flower to date. Thats what they say at least. Indoors in a meter squared grow tent you can get upwards of 500 grams. Holy be-jeezus thats alot a weed for a small area. I am confident i will be able to get something out of this, and if its anywhere near those number i will be super excited lol. I have one plant growing since i am expecting this this to get pretty large :D

Here she was at about 3 days old. She is under my T5 lamp


And here she is at day 10(today), one day into being under the HID

And here are some other cool things that i picked up from that handy hydro store in town

Some CO2 pads, not sure if they really do much but i always wanted to try lol

I found pre made Scrogg net from Secret Jardin. This stuff is awesome!!! the easiest way to Srogg in tents like mine.



And here is my TLO pot getting ready for the transplant. I have the bottom layer of manure compost and high nitrogen layer blend on the bottom moist and getting active. I put about one cup of earthworm castings in there to help inoculate with lots of life. I have the 3 gallon fabric pot sitting on a Swick system that i just learned about in the last 3 days. Pretty awesome self watering, but not over watering system. Found SweetSue thread about it here and figured i would give it a whirl. SWICK Watering Systems: Letting The Plant Water Itself

Bottom compost layer getting ready!!

My pot on my new Swick system

My water level gauge

Well thats enough yapping for now (i had a bowl of Cheese UK and some coffee and my fingers are just flying away here on the keyboard ;) )

Thank you all very much for stopping by and please feel free to chime in for any reason.
So lets simplify the jargon that i put up there!!! i was really high when typing that!!!!!!:lot-o-toke:

What strain is it? Buddha Seeds Magnum Autoflower Fem
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Not sure on % but Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Autoflower 10 days old
If in Veg... For how long?
If in Flower stage... For how long?
Indoor or outdoor?Indoor
Soil or Hydro? Soil. True Living Organic style of growing
If soil... what is in your mix? The Revs 2.1 Soil recipe i made last season
If soil... What size pot? 3 gallon finishing pot
Size of light? 400 watt HPS (MH burn out, need a new one)
Is it aircooled? yup air cooled sealed hood
Temp of Room/cab? currently 80-85 during light on and not sure about lights off. not warmer i would assume lol
RH of Room/cab? not sure
PH of media or res?
Any Pests ? nope
How often are you watering? when needed
Type and strength of ferts used? none, soil will do the work for me. should only need water from here on out
Air filtered through 4 inch carbon filter

Much more simplified!!! That should make any trouble shooting easier later!
Subbed :) best of luck indeedie :)

Thanks for joining LA. Its good to see everyone is still here from when i left!! Good peeps in this part of the Web
10 days and you already went HPS. ! I've not switched from T5 to HPS until 18x18" (but I haven't grown autoflower.) How much difference does it make to go HPS this early vs T5?

Well I'm not sure if it's the right thing. This is my first auto. But my thinking behind it is that since they have a pre determined time span that you want to hit them with all you got, and my T5 is a lot less powerful than my HID. Also since it is an auto I figured that it will prefer the HPS over the MH for more red light. They pretty much flower from about week 3 on so getting them all soaked in the red spectrum will cause better buds?!?! Not a pro here but just my thinking behind it. If I am wrong please chime in lol.
Hey everyone. Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was pretty awesome, i got to house sit for a rich couple in town. I got to live the "high" life for a few days. Cooked out on there $50,000 outdoor kitchen, had rib-eyes ,asparagus, potatoes, mmmm o so yummy!!!

Well now that i have all your mouths watering on to the good stuff. While i was away for the 2.5 days, she did a lot of growing. Add 2 new nodes and leaves to go with. She is staying very short so far. I will be excited when she starts to stretch and flower. I transplanted yesterday when i got home. I figured i should get her into her final home sooner rather than later since she is an auto. Stress her now while she hasnt flowered yet. As stated before i grow TLO style and so when i transplanted i put in 2 spike. One Veg spike and one Flower spike. Normally for a pot this size you would want more spikes but she is an auto and can be over fed very easy, so i went a little lite on the spikes. Mixed the spike food with 1 part perlite to be sure the area is well aerated for all them microbeasties. And without further ado, some pictures of her (little stressed out from transplant)


Temps have been a little high for my liking but i cant seem to get them down. They dont go over 86 so i am not to worried. Low 80s during the day and upper 70s for night time right now. I might move the tent out of the closet to get more airflow and lower my temps. I have 2 fans going to help keep air movement at least.

Well that all for now folks. Hope you enjoyed!!! See you next time :D
Well everyone welcome back for another round of updates. I am at day 17 today and it is amazing how fast she bounced back from the transplant. She was back to her self and growing like a weed ;) within 36 hours of transplant. She was a little wilty for about 24 hours and then bam, like nothing happened. I made a few adjustments to my SWICK system. Got my hands on a deeper tub to work with. The germinating tray was to flimsy to work with. It would just bend when you went to pick it up. Not so great when full of water and perlite lol. Made one mess and was done with that!!










Quick Question!!! The only natural mulch they had at my store when i needed it was some Cocoa bean shells. Does any one know if this is a good or bad mulch??? They smell amazing. My room smells like fresh chocolate lol. They seem to be doing fine, just wanted to make sure i wasnt going to poison my little girl in the long run. Hell maybe it will help with some unique Terpene production ;)
So here is the picture Buddha Seeds says she should look like when done. If she is anything close to this i will be ecstatic!!!!!! :lot-o-toke:

Edit: That is in 5 gallon pot. Mine is only 3 but a smart pot not plastic. Should help. And she stands about 3 feet from the soil.
I couldn't help but notice is your fan always on the floor you might get better air flow if it was higher say on shelving of some kind. Heat rises after all so right now your fan has to pull the hot air down and then out might be more efficient if it was rising and out.

And subbed because i like to watch plants grow ;) the little one looks healthy and green^_^
I couldn't help but notice is your fan always on the floor you might get better air flow if it was higher say on shelving of some kind. Heat rises after all so right now your fan has to pull the hot air down and then out might be more efficient if it was rising and out.

And subbed because i like to watch plants grow ;) the little one looks healthy and green^_^

Yea my fan is always there. It actually sits on top of the floor register pumping in the a/c. I do have the clip fan in the tent circulating air around the plant. my carbon filter should be doing the heat extraction. Although now that I am thinking of it my heat is being exhausted onto the floor of my closet near my tents rear intake. I think I am removing the tent from the closet in the morning. I will put the rear intake right by the a/c register and hopefully that will keep her cool.

Thank you Spart for stopping by and pointing these things out to me. It will be good to have you around!!
Hello everyone. I hope everyone is having a great fathers day Sunday!! Happy Fathers day to all the fathers. Today is Day 21, start of week 3. She has definitely been very happy with her home lately. I moved my tent out of the closet and put it right over the A/C vent in the room. Well sorta, the rear intake on the tent sits right next to the register and i built a little seal between the wall and tent to seal in the A/C. It all pumps into my tent now. It has brought my day temps to 76-80 rather than 80-85. I think the lady will be happier this way, less heat stress. I added a metal shelf to the tent that i can easily adjust the height for when she starts to stretch. I also picked up some Grow1 glasses. These things are so nice. My eyes were starting to hurt if i was working with my plant more than 5 minutes. These things completely helped. Not only are your eyes protected, but they filter out the excess yellow light so that you can see your plants in the natural color. I can see the little differences in the leaves now with out having to remove her from the tent. Pretty awesome!!!

Well here are some picture of Ms. Magnum at week 3!!







As always, thank you for stopping by and catching up on whats growing in my side of the world!!!

Keep it safe and green everyone!!!:circle-of-love::thumb::thanks:
Hello all and here we are at day 24 update. She has grown A LOT in the last couple of days. Every day she has new leaves, other leaves have seemed to doubled in size!! She is doing awesome!! Loving her environment, with her swick ;) I have her off the swick doing a little drying before i give her a flower tea, that i have brewing at the moment :D This will probably be one of the few teas i give her. I do have a finishing tea recipe that i would like to try. It is supposed to help the plant use up the rest of its nutrients stored in the plant. We shall see.

Well here we have Mrs. Magnum at day 24

Few up close pics, Hard to see but there is what i believe is a little calyx starting to grow.

Here is my tea brewing and my ingredients for it!!

Well that is all i got for tonight. Thanks for stopping by!!! :thanks:
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