Outragedplutos Grow #2


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Well everyone i successfully harvested my first grow back on christmas day and i am hooked. this hobby is amazing and addictive!!!
Im starting this journal for my second grow. i made alot of changes to this grow so i figured it would be easier to start a second journal for it. so with out further ado here is the infor you will all ask for.

Soil Grow #2
Strain- Trainwreck Sativa
Age- start of week 6 in veg
Lights- 6 CFL all at 23 watt. 4 at 6500k and 2 at 2000k. 10,200 lumens total
temp- 72 day, 65 night
RH- 30-50 (ranges due to winter temps)
Soil- Fox Farm happy frog
Nutes- FF Big Bloom, fish emulsion, molasses, and FF root drench
PH- dont regulate. im growing organically so it stays stable on its own

Well thats about all the info you will need. now for some pictures of her over the last couple of weeks!! and im very sorry for the sideways pictures. i was stoned when i was uploading and forgot to flip them before uploading.:tokin: be sure to have a bowl packed for the neck pain after looking haha:high-five::bong:

Here are a few pictures of my upgraded light system. i will be adding my flowering LED light to the mix when i change her over to flower and will change to 4 2000k and 2 5000k.

Here she is week 2 i think

And week 3

And here is week 4, had some nute problems but i hadent fed her yet so understandable. Anyone know what kind of deficiency it is???

Week 4 size comparison

Week 5 under carriage (pre de-foliage, and LST)

Week 5 After LST and de-foliage

And then start of week 6

i will update in a few days. im actually a couple days into week 6 and she is recovering from the LST and de-fol!! i am making a bubbled tea fert for her and she is seeming to love it!!!!
alright i think that enough rambling for now lol!! i will update in a few days!!! thank you for stopping by!! safe and happy growing everyone!!! :Namaste::peace:
I'am here and liking it! off to a superb start brother:)
Hey everyone I have quick question. When you are counting days of flowering do you start the count when you switch your lights to 12/12 or do you wait until the first white pistils start to show??? I'm trying to figure out if I will have enough time to flower out my plant before I have to move out of my current house.

I will have a big update on the lady hopefully later today. She has been growing like a weed ;-)
Alright everyone here is my week 7 update!!!
First i want to say that i have converted to growing TLO (True Living Organic) style. And the results are impressive!! not only does she seem extremely happy, but i actually dont have to do as much. i am not having to feed with bottle nutes as often as i did last time around. i give her an organic bubbled tea every 10 days or so. my next grow will be 100% TLO where you dont have to ever feed her only give her good water. but anyways here is my current girl (hopefully)

here she is in her nice environment!!!

some nice angles of her!!!! no signs of nute deficiency at all!!!!!! :thumb:

some nice close ups of her pre-flowers. from my little experience im saying she is a female!! what do you guys think?????

well theres the pics i have. its amazing watch her grow and change and adapt. about 2 weeks ago when i introduced my LED light i was noticing that she was kinda sagging by the time she was at 15-18 hrs of light. almost like she was getting tired from to much light. so i changed my light from 18/6 to 16/8 and she stopped showing the signs of sagging. and i ruled out under/over watering. i have been slowly backing her lights down in the last week for flowering next week or early this week. well thats all i got for now!!

I start my countdown from switch,but for the most part I think the breeders go from preflowers.
most is ball park at best:)
girls look fabulous my friend
Hey fish cake thanks for the reps for one!! and two with those pics above what do you think her sex is???? or is it to soon to tell?? im almost 8 weeks and i started flower today. ill post some more pics later is i can. thanks again man for the help and praise!!!!! Keep it green all!!!!
might be too early but I dont see no male parts:)
Hey everyone im back with another update. This one is 2 days into flower. i gave her about 30 hrs of darkness going into 12/12. i gave her a big dose of some flower nutes to kick her into action. i trimmed her a bit today to give her some nice light to her bud sites.
here are some before and after pics of her!!!







Well thanks again everyone for stopping by!!!
Keep it green everyone!!
I like those pots you have. What are they called
and where can you buy them?

Those are called Air-pots. And you can buy them off of amazon. They come in any size you want all the way up to 100 gallon lol. If you grow a plant in a 100 gallon you gotta sends some pics lol it would be epic!!! They are amazing!!! I haven't been growing for very long but my first attempts were with just standard plastic pots and I killed a lot of plants by over watering. It's almost impossible to over water with these. They also prevent the plant from getting root bound in the pot by air pruning the roots when they get close to the sides. Allows the plant to grow a healthy branch like root system. If you check out my first journal from my signature it has some pictures of the air-pot by its self. I highly recommend them. But they are little pricey. $40 for a 5 pack of the 3 gallon is what i got. And they are very durable and reusable.
And just as i say that i look and i didnt post any pictures of just the Air-Pot. so here are some pics of the unused pot!!!



And here is a video explaining the science behind the airpots!!
OOO man if i could grow legally. we could start a whole thread with just what peoples ideas are if they could legally grow cannabis lol. i would have a nice 100 sq foot greenhouse divided into separate rooms for breeding. have the ladys in some 50 gallon air-pots :) i would have a total TLO setup with a killer compost pile making my own soil!! ahh dont it sound like heaven!! sitting in your garden with a fatty listening to the leaves rustle in the breeze from the fans :yummy::ganjamon:
but anyways im day 8 into flowering. she looks like she will be spitting out some pistils in the coming days. she is filling out really well after her hair cut last week. she is looking like nothing ever happened. i read some where the good days for trimming them down during flower is day 21 and day like 55. so im going to give that a whirl this time around. im learning that you these plants have some durability to trimming. im loving the organic teas im brewing for her. and she is loving them too ;-) ill get some pics up as soon as i take them lol. thanks all for stopping by!! Keep it green everyone:Namaste:
you trim at day 21 and day 45 of flower, that said I just take shade leaves a couple every day through out the grow.
but a lot of folks have good results with the 21/45 deal:)
Ah yes thank you fishy. It was late and I was very stoned when i was on last night lol. Day 21 and 45 will be the days I do some trimming. Thanks again fishy for the correct days!!!
Keep it green everyone!!
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