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Hey everyone thank you for stopping by my journal. this is my first grow and i want to keep a journal so that people can help if needed.

So lets get to it.

Indoor soil grow:

Soil: fox farm happy frog
Growing Container: Super Roots Air-Pot 2.7 gallon
Lights: 4-24" 17 watt florescent and a Glowpanel 45 45 watt LED light
Grow Space: 3' wide x 3' long x 3.5' tall
Fertilizer: Fox farm line up
Strain: Trip Diesel Clones Mostly Indica
Age: 3 weeks
Number of plants: 1
Light schedule: 20 on, 4 off
Currant height: 6.5"

I am currently watering every 4 days with 1/3 strength fert every other watering. There is currently probably an inch of growth a day. The nodes are growing closely and there is a lot of bushing out.

Here are 2 snapshots of her



Thank you for reading and if you see anything i could improve on let me know!!!
And I have my first question. At the current size my girl is at ( about 6 inches) about how many ounces of water should I be giving her. I am currently watering 350 ml about every 4 days. I let the soil dry out pretty well before watering again. I am wanting to try and figure how to scale down measurements so I am not waisting ferts.
Thanks for any advice!!!
Hey man, I love diesel strains. This is looking good.
I can't give advice on nutes with clones because I don't know much about that.
I noticed the stem is a little purple and the leaves are dark green, is that a strain trait? If not, then you should probably watch how much N you're giving her.
Good luck with your grow man :grinjoint:
Nice looking plant. The airpots seem to work well. I've been thinking about getting a few for my next grow. Not real experienced with clones myself. As for the watering just be sure you watch the plant. Give her what she asks for, You'll know if you over water or under. Less is better just don't let it dry out. Then you can work your way up to the best amount. Weight is the better measurement. Let her get a bit dry then water her. That will let you know.
Thanks everyone for the advice. I have stopped feeding and am just giving her plane water. I let her dry for at least 3 days before i water again.
I have another question. How important is it to have my fan blowing directly on her at this point? My fan is always on and oscillating. Do I need to make sure that the fan is blowing directly on the plant?? I have it mostly blowing air around my closet and blowing on my air-pot. She seems to be very sturdy with a strong stem.

Thanks again for stopping by and for any advice given.
I've never taken cuttings so I wouldn't know. But if she's just like a young seedling, then the fan doesn't need to be directly at it. Just make sure there's a breeze around her leaves. A fan blowing directly at a plant all the time doesn't seem like a good idea.
ok boss here is my 2cents as far as watering goes I like the lift method, pick the pot up and see if its heavy compared to before you watered the first time lite needs water heavy you wait. and as far as the fan on clones I have noticed that the fan blowing on the plant seems to make her have more bud sites. now this maybe due to the strain that I'am growing but if it blows right on them it wont hurt a thing unless its hurricane force. outside the wind blows all the time so you go from there.
other then that she is looking good:)
subd, id also say your ok with the fan at this stage looking at the plant, if it was from seed and a week or 2 old then id say make sure the fan is blowing above the plant towards the light, the fan will cause the leaves to lose water quicker and can damage the plant, i found this out the hard way, so as long as the fan is just blowing the plant gently then you wont have any problems what so ever,

as for watering do as fish cake said, what i do is have a same size pot filled with compost thats dry, then i just compare the weight of the 2 by picking them up, its best to let the soil dry out between watering as the roots need oxygen so they get this more when the soil is dry,

its pretty hard to tell if your over or under watering as both symptoms look the same, the leaves will start to wilt, so then you water and if the leaves start waving at the light then you know its under watered but if the leaves still dont change in a couple of hours then chances are its over watered, these plants are pretty hardy and will bounce back, just keep an eye on the temps, if its to cold it will stunt growth, so keep this in check, their are plenty of top growers on here who can give you plenty of advice, fish cake for one is a huge source of info and so is spring, but im sure their will be many that you will meet on here,
Hey everyone thanks for stopping by and for all the info. I'm starting to get an idea of what to do. I have done hours of research on the subject but its more understandable when its real life ppl giving g real life advice. Thanks again and I'll be updating soon
Hey everyone thanks for stopping by and for all the info. I'm starting to get an idea of what to do. I have done hours of research on the subject but its more understandable when its real life ppl giving g real life advice. Thanks again and I'll be updating soon

Research plus advice from members makes a huge difference! You have some big hitters giving their experience here! ( not me Im a newb! But ill help in any way I can ).
Hey everyone got another question. It's starting to be winter where I live and the humidity all around has fallen greatly. Even with a humidifier in my room the RH never really goes above 50% and is usually down in the 35% range. Do I need to worry about this or should she be fine???
you can use a spray bottle and mist your plants as long as they are in veg or even soak a towel and wrap it around the bottom of your pots. but I wouldnt worry to much. heck even a big bowl of water will help. now after they go to flower then your RH is spot on.
as long as the girls are good with water you shouldnt have much to worry about unless your lights are to close.
but I wouldnt fret over it to much.
Hey all here are some photo updates of my girl. she seems to be doing awesome. strong growth and lots of of undergrowth. still growing about an inch a day!!

Nice top view of her

And some side views

looks sweet brother!
today was picture day for me too. wont be long and you are gonna catch me:)
are you going to top her?
off subject but got some bud and i had my 60x magnifier and my iphone so here are some awesome close ups

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