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Over 1000 Suspected Cannabis Plants Found in Leeds


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The latest operation in an intensive drugs crackdown has led to the discovery of over 1000 suspected Cannabis plants in the Headingley area of Leeds.

The discovery happened at 4.30pm yesterday following a planned operation by the local Neighbourhood Policing Team at a house in Headingley.

Officers entered the premises with a warrant under the Misuse of Drugs Act and found a fully operational ventilation system and over 1000 plants which are believed to be the class C drug Cannabis, all of differing levels of maturity.

Officers called in the assistance of the electricity board as they became concerned about the wiring at the property, believing that the electricity supply has been tampered with. A tunnel leading from the cellar to the mains supply under the road has caused a small area of the road to collapse. West Yorkshire Police, forensic teams and the electricity board are currently at the scene. The road has been closed this morning to allow for repairs.

The man leading the operation Inspector Richard Coldwell said, "We have had a huge success recently in tackling the local drug supply. If this does prove to be the class C drug cannabis, just think how many people would have bought their drugs from this supply. By tackling the drug market at every level we have made it extremely difficult to supply drugs of any classification in the area. We have detained two people inconjunction with this matter"

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