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Over Thousand Pounds of Ganja Seized in St. Elizabeth

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The narcotics police have made another major drug bust. More than 1,000 pounds of ganja was seized Sunday during a major anti-narcotics operation in St. Elizabeth. Two men were also arrested and a motor car seized.

The narcotics police supported by the St. Elizabeth and Manchester police, conducted operations in Slipe, Burnt Savannah and Chocolate Hole in Junction. During their operations in Burnt Savannah, premises were searched and ganja weighing just over one kilogramme was seized, along with a motorcar.

The police said the ganja seized in Burnt Savannah was part of a larger shipment that was being prepared for export in the guns for drugs trade between Haiti and Jamaica. Over in Chocolate Hole more than 1,000 pounds of ganja was destroyed by the cops. One hectare of fully grown ganja and 10,000 seedlings were also destroyed by the police.

The police told RJR News that they have intensified their operations in St. Elizabeth which is a major cultivator of ganja.

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