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Overwatering/underwatering problem?


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So I'm new to growing and I'm running into some problems and can't decide if I'm watering too much or not enough. Or maybe it's something else. I have read so much about both and have adjusted my watering both ways but still can't decide what it is. My soil ph is just below 7.0, I definitely have good drainage(maybe too much), Iv only fertilized a few times a few times seeing how the plants are still young. Both plants are blueberry but look so different which is very strange to me. Anyways, the problem started with the bottom leaves slowly start wilting and than edges turn brown. One plant is super green and shirt and the other one has light green leaves and tall. I'm losing my mind trying to figure out the issue here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Overwatering is the mosr common plant problem. underwatering is easy to tell,, the plant wilts to tell us its thirsty.

OOverwatering is not as simple to tell, even by looking at the pics.

Allow the pot to dry out near to the point of wilting before you add more water,, and please,, no more ferts till well past the point when your planty looks better

So easy to kill these plants with kindness

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let it dry completely and pop it out of the pot to check roots. most likely needs to be transplanted. give only water when its dry and dont feed for at least 2 waterings except for small dose of calmag each water if you have. thats my opinion going by the little info you provided. Plants that young don't need to be fed especially if the soil has fert in it. I usually don't feed until they go in 5gal pots because the soil I use has a little bit of slow release fertilizer in it.


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Those look like small cans, what size pots? When is the last time they've been repotted?

They must be clones with those leaves already, at least that sativa looking one for sure..... what's the history?
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