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We don't know if Owen Wilson is a big Weezer fan, but he certainly has no problem with getting himself a hash pipe.

Looking a lot healthier since his suicide attempt a few months ago, and because it had to be 4:20 somewhere in the world, The Wedding Crashers star was in Venice Beach, Calif., yesterday when he dropped by the Green House Smoke Shop and plunked down $25 for a small monkey pipe, according to an eyewitness.

But before he had the chance to use it (the pipes are often for smoking what the French call "Chanvrier sauvage," but is also known in these parts as ganja, weed and the Sticky-Icky) someone apparently took his picture and bolted.

After emerging from the store and, according to the witness, trying to find the photographic offender, Owen ducked behind a parked FedEx van, then ran into a nearby gym, all while his faithful dog sat and waited patiently for over an hour in Owen's Toyota Prius.

Owen has been upfront about his marijuana use in the past, telling Blender magazine in a 2006 interview, "In the past few years I've become more open to it. The first couple of times I tried, like in the seventh grade, I never got that into it." He then added, "It's only lately that I've become more open to smoking, and thinking it's not that big a deal."

That may be true, but he has also spent some time in rehab for substance abuse, and reefer, as our junior high school health teachers told us, is a "gateway drug," so we just hope he's careful.

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