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I just wanted to do a quick review for these guys because after spending thousands of dollars on grow gear - these guys plain and simply have provided the best product and "customer service."

Not to say that there were NO issues in the 3+ 12 bucket systems I ordered, but - more importantly is that they resolved them quickly and professionally - something I have seen very little of of late with grow equipment suppliers. Communication was top notch and responses were incredibly quick - My main Contact there needs a raise...... often responding way past actual work hours. JUST SOLID customer service.

The product description is listed below but the reason I wanted these was after seeing "Light Addicts" journal and success. I was not only impressed by his use of them but thought that they would work great with "Rice Hulls" - very cheap to acquire where I live - and they do!!

The newest buckets are AWESOME - Fill quick - Drain completely and no separate inserts like the older model

Rice Hulls work great and cheaper than DIRT - Literally


Product benefits:

Air Pruning

What is Air Pruning?
Air Pruning is a process that only happens with fabric pots. When the roots of the plant come in contact with the fabric inner wall of the pot they are forced to penetrtate and grow into the breathable fabric. This causes the root tips to dehydrate and branch behind this point. When reached these root tips meet the air on the outside of the pot, causing them to be naturally pruned. This pruning process, called Air Pruning forces lateral branching of desired fibrous feeder roots. These fibrous roots are more productive in the uptake of water and nutrients, resulitng in a more vigorous and healthy plant that utilizes the entire root zone for optimum planth growth.

Oxygen Benefits

Why is oxygen in the root zone so critical in nutrient uptake?
There is no question that your plants nutrient uptake is vital. No nutrient absorption will occur at the root zone unless oxygen is present. At a molecular level, oxygen is required to transmit nutrients across the cell wall and into the roots. So, when you hear someone say the primary reason of oxygenating the root zone is to keep the plant from drowning, that is not necessarily true… It also keeps the plants from starving. The Super-Flow systems helps you reap the rewards of having a well-maintained, healthy root system.

Temperature Controlled Pots

How do temperature controlled pots improve overall health?
The Super-Flow System fabric pots are constructed of a porous polypropylene fabric, which allows heat to dissipate, and force excess water to evaporate. Super-flow Pots are cooler and have much better temperature control then plastic pots. Heat in plastic containers can reach temperatures of up to 125 degrees depending on the environment. When heat is trapped, and unable to escape, it can damage your plants health and limit the potential of your harvest. Plants grown in Super-Flow pots are cooler resulting in a temperature controlled environment, that will not only produce faster growing healthier plants but will also enable you to produce the top quality you’ve always desired.

Organic Friendly

What are the benefits of using organics with Super-Flow?
The Super-Flow system is currently the most versatile bucket system in today’s hydroponic industry. One would think the obvious… that we designed this system around the fact that fabric aeration pots work better for growing plants than plastic containers. Well that’s very true, but there is one other somewhat obvious benefit to our system. The fabric pots are permeable, allowing nutrients, oxygen and water to pass through the pot and into the root system while containing the medium inside the pot. It allows growers use of coco coir, soil, peat moss, perlite, vermiculite, organic soilless mixes and countless other popular mediums to be used in the gold standard of hydroponic systems… the ebb and flow bucket system.

This is the only grow gear to date that I have 100% approval for!

:goodjob: Oxypots!

Quick update:

I now own 5 of these systems and 3 in use for almost a year.

I love them - the latest rev's especially - the newest buckets drain completely and getting rid of the inserts is a huge plus.

Fabric pots still holding up great!

Customers service is still 5 star - they have taken care of me every step of the way and made good on the few mistakes.

To be honest the only issues I have had are with the 65 gallon reservoirs which they don't even use anymore. 1 leaks, 1 seams fell apart - 1 still in use - and the pumps are pretty cheap - 4 out of 10 dead but keep in mind they have been full time in use for over 10 months.

AWESOME review on a great product! I absolutely love OxygenPot. I currently have a 12 site system (bought the additional 6 pot expansion). Previously owned a ebb n flow that was a complete pain in the butt to clean and maintain. Bought mine from Green Envy Supply Hydroponics, recently had to buy new replacement fabric pot bags which they also had thankfully (they also had a sale going on for 5% off products, free shipping)!! Thanks for the detailed post Wiz.
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