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Ozark Red

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Hey Yall Ozark Red here just signed up and would like to say hey to all my fellow cannabis lovers. I was wondering if anyone would know how someone might get started as a vendor or patient cultivator in Cali. I have lots of experience and good genetics. I am considering on relocating from Arkansas to Cali. Any info would be great.


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nice.. please move here and get a state ID or driver license and then go get medical card from doctor.
theres a lot of places to do it i went accsocal.com
you can do a pre-evaluation on the site. most people would be suprised to find out they do have something for which cannabis will help. for me it was insomnia :D
somewhere you can check what the limits are on plants. i cant actually find that right now. but like in socal and most places around here its 6 plants but i think theres places north where you can have a lot more... and since theres more growers up there its super easy to get good genetics real cheap like 1 dollar per clone LOL i totally want to head north ;p ;p
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