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PA: Medical Marijuana Company Eyes Site In The Poconos

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Pocono Township – A stretch of Route 611 near Tannersville is where owners of a medical marijuana business from California hope to expand in Pennsylvania.

"CannaMed of Thousand Oaks" wants to grow and produce medical marijuana products in Pocono Township.

"They proposed an amendment to our zoning ordinance which would amend the definition of light industrial to include the medical marijuana production," said Charlie Vogt, Pocono Township Manager.

Vogt says right now there is no mention of medical marijuana manufacturing in the township ordinance.

CannaMed wants a change so it could grow medical marijuana and sell it to licensed distributors in Pennsylvania.

"It's going to pop up eventually, everywhere, to be honest with you. I don't think not one state is going to have a facility so I don't think it's really a problem," said John Gasso, Pocono Township.

This marshland along Route 611 is where the businessmen hope to build their growing site. They say it will be discrete and be heavily secured, but even still people here are not thrilled with the idea.

"Personally, the less drugs we have the better. There are a lot of drugs going around here besides marijuana that are more harmful," said Margarete Folks, Pocono Township.

Even if Pocono Township makes the zoning change, it doesn't mean CannaMed will definitely move in.

The state will license only two grower permits in this region.

The Pocono Township Zoning Board is expected to discuss the proposed zoning change on Monday.


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