PA Town Hopes To Turn Things Around With Marijuana

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Katelyn Baker

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A tiny, broke suburb of Pittsburgh is hoping medical marijuana could provide enough green to get the town back on its feet again.

You might remember Braddock as the home of last year's unconventional U.S. Senate candidate John Fetterman.

The struggling steel town has been in the state's Act 47 program for financially distressed municipalities since 1988, but Fetterman believes a proposed 100,000 square foot growing facility for medical marijuana from Laurel Green Medical, LLC would be an "absolute utter game-changer"...with a possible 7-figure dollar impact.

"You could put it in any number of communities where, you know, it's just kind of like one more business, one more warehouse. Or you could put it in a community like Braddock where it would have a massive impact," Fetterman said.

Laurel Green Medical has applied for one of only two available growing permits in the Pittsburgh region.

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Hash Hound

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screw all this PA bull.

only 2 grow facilities in Western Pa? And 5 dispensaries. Politicians with their heads up there butts.

And only oils! I think they are all gonna have a tough time surviving only making oils

$50,000 for a grow license! and proof of $2,000,000 backing. Thats a lot of oil to sell to make a profit.

free the weed, let anyone who wants to grow grow. There will be no illegal sales when we can grow it like tomatoes in the back yard.

and no courts being tied up with small drug cases costing the government $10,000 every time someone ends up down town for trial.

Give me a break PA

Hash Hound

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Wonder if they need a experienced grower?
I was thinking the same thing.

I already spoke with a guy who is bidding on a license, but he wants to do it up by Gibsonia.

Either place is a bit of a drive for me. I'm 5 min from the Burg.