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Pacers Suspend Williams For Three Games Despite Not Being Charged For MJ Possession

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The Indiana Pacers suspended forward Shawne Williams for three games even though local prosecutors decided not to file marijuana possession charges against Williams following his arrest earlier this week.

Williams will beat the marijuana charge because the Marion County prosecutor's office said police can not determine the drugs belonged to him.

"Nobody technically had possession, and a passenger claimed it as his," spokesman Matthew Symons of the prosecutor's office said. "It would be difficult to prove beyond a reasonable doubt he (Williams) had the marijuana."

Williams was officially charged Thursday with a misdemeanor count of driving without ever having received a license.

The franchise announced on Thursday that Williams would be suspended for the Pacers' first three regular season games.

Williams' arrest was the third in the last year involving Pacers' players and off-court incidents.

"We are making it clear to our players and our fans that this franchise is going in a different direction," Pacers president Larry Bird said in a statement Thursday. "Shawne put himself in a position that placed the franchise in a poor light. He's a good kid who made a bad decision."

Pacers CEO Donnie Walsh was more direct.

"We're not going to put up with any of this," he said.

Williams' agent, Happy Walters, had no comment, saying Williams would release a statement Friday.

A hearing is scheduled for Williams for Friday in Marion County Superior Court.

Williams was pulled over for changing lanes without signaling early Tuesday. Both Williams and his front-seat passenger were arrested on preliminary charges of marijuana possession.

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