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Packed or Fluff

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I just got the new shit in a few days ago. This is really dense compared to normal for me. It is hard like a rock. Which do you all like better? If I gave you an Oz of some dense packed buds, or an Oz of fluffy buds. Same quality.
Yea dense lasts longer, but for some reason I get a little higher, a little faster when its fluffy.

fluff definately.... its the same ammount (so the fact that dense burns longer doesn't matter... fluff LOOKS like more but its the same ammount so thats not what matters to me). i like fluff better cuz you can roll with it so much easier.
HotRod said:
If 'yer giving it to me, it doesn't matter. (lol) If I'm buying it, and they weigh the same, fluffy for me. Later..........

Yep, i agree, if they were the same weight i would choose fluff becuase it would be more becuase it weighs less, so for it to weigh the same it needs more.

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Posted by 4DeuceZero - Today at 01:02 PM
A pound of bricks weighs the same as a pound of feathers

Yes but would be more feathers....
When I was six, I used to ask my dad for 10 dollars a week in dollar bills. This way it looked like I had way more money than I did. Dense nugs all the fucking way, if someone packed a bowl of fluff in my bong I'd fucking slap them. Dense bowls last sooo much longer, in contrast of taking two hits and snappin it.
but you're the same amount of high, with less smokage.

but whatever, its your choice. I just don't think you'd slap them. if anyone ever complained about me packing them a bowl of MY weed. then they're the ones that deserved to be slapped.
4DeuceZero said:
dayum right! id never slap someone for putting weed in my bowl....unless it was brown and crusty...but i dont smoke with anyone THAT dumb ;)
as long as it gets you high it can be any color it wants to be