PAHydroponics 4 Site Fallponics Grow With Quantum LED: Strawberry Kush & Pineapple Haze

Hey 420Mag!

Welcome to my first grow journal! I’m super excited about my new grow space and looking forward to sharing my experiences.

I have been growing single plants in 3x2’ tent for the past two years. November 2019 I was granted my Med License and Cultivation permit. This was the golden ticket for getting my wife to agree to expanding my garden. I immediately began planning and below was the outcome...

Grow Space Specs:
Flower Tent:
48”x48”x80” VivoSun tent
Infinity AC T6 6” exhaust fan
Mars Hydro TS3000 led
PA Hydroponics mini 8 gallon fallponics RDWC system (see youtube for videos)
VivoSun 4” intake booster fan
VivoSun 6” Oscillating Clip-on fan (x2)

Veg Tent:
36”x24”x60” VivoSun tent
Infinity AC T4 4” exhaust fan
Viparspectra 400 LED
6” VivoSun oscillating fan
Holmes Lil’ Blizzard oscillating can
17 gallon Commander Black Tote with 4 5” net pots

Pineapple Haze from ILGM (x2)
Strawberry Kush from ILGM (x2)

Grow Closet

Flower Tent...

Start of some fun...

A shot of my previous Gorilla Glue #4 grow...

West Hippie

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Yes sir, tons of good info. I’m using a small Dulytek press with micron bags and syringe filters. I’m still perfecting my rosin to viscosity/terpene ratio but pretty happy with the last few cart batches.
I fix capsules,one for the knockout and one for day use quite a bit Stoney but I like it .
Sorry for the delayed update. I had some trouble getting my initial seeds to germinate so I ended up going with one Strawberry Kush, one Gelato #33, and two GG #4. I just started week 3 of veg running about 1000 PPM and light is set to 200 watts.


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I pressed some carts today and documented my process. You can check it out below..

The ladies are starting to fill the tent nicely. I stopped training and tucking this week and will just let the girls go now. I’ll add a second Scrog net at week 3-4 of flower.

I’m running the Mars light at 300w and about 18” from the canopy. I’ll turn the light up to 400w next week. My PPMs are staying steady at 1000-1100.

feel free to ask any questions...

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