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Heading into week 4 of flower, this is when the fun begins! I cranked up the Mars light to full blast, added my second scrog, and the ladies are smelling wonderful.


Even after a couple years of growing is still amazes me how fast these plants grow in such a short time. Since I added my first trellis so early on this grow, I decided to add a third.

I am rolling into week 4/5 of flower and 9 since seedlings. I’m really happy with the node spacing on all the strains.

I cleared out everything that was under the first scrog screen and not reaching the canopy. I’m not sure if I’ll need to do more trimming, what are your guys thoughts?

Here is a shot from the other side of the tent...

here a quick glimpse at the root ball. These are 8 gallon buckets.


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Back in for my weekly update. This is now week 10 from seed and roughly week 6-7 of flower. The ladies are putting on some good weight and tons of trichomes. We are coming down the home stretch now...

View from the front of the tent. Gelato is on the near left, Strawberry Kush is on the near right, and the two Gorilla Glues are hiding in the back.

side view of tent, you can see the two Gorilla Glues in this shot.

Headshot of the Gelato...

Strawberry Kush...

My red headed step child...seriously wtf? I’m kinda worried it will hermie on me...

Happy Easter !
Hey fam, back at it with another update. I’m guessing we are a week or two from harvest. I added some dry koolbloom tonight, we’ll see how the girls respond.

According to the seed supplier the Gelato is suppose to take a week or two longer but she seems to be moving right along.

Strawberry kush really put on some weight this week. She is also the frostiest of the bunch. Sorry for the bad picture, it’s getting a bit crowded.

I’m a little disappointed in the lack of trichomes on the GG#4. My last grow from this seed batch was super frosty and sticky. I am very happy with how chunky these colas have gotten. She is short but stout.

I was messing around with some camera features on my phone.



see everyone next week, be safe!
Hey guys, looking for some advice. In my pervious single plant grows I have had success giving the plant 48 hours of darkness before harvest. Now with the 3 different strains all at different points of finishing, I am not sure the best method for harvest.

Do I harvest all the plants at the same time, allowing me to still give the 48 hours of darkness and able to dry inside the tent?

or do I harvest each plant as they are ready and dry in a separate open air room? This will not allow for 48 hours of darkness and will risk the house smelling from the buds drying in an open environment.

...I’m stuck. The Gelato and GG are within days of harvest but the Strawberry Kush could push on another 7-10 days.


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I was always battling that question as well.. ultimately I stopped worrying about it. I have no other place to keep a plant in pure darkness and it’s good ventilation, besides my tent. So I stopped worrying about it and harvested the plant. Hung in the same room, but tried keeping it dark in the room (besides when I’m dealing with the garden) to accommodate the hanging plant. Then when I had one plant left to harvest, then boom you can keep it in the dark. Ultimately I’ve left a plant in the dark for x amount of hours before harvest, and I’ve harvested half way through their 12 hour light on schedule. I found no real difference between the two. Nor is there hard scientific facts about it being better one way or the other either.
I ended up harvesting two fridays ago on 5/1. I hung the stalks upside down for 6 days before starting the jarring process. I ended up with a total of 13 mason jars with bud, 3 jars of popcorn, and a big bag of shake.

My science experiment Gorilla Glue ended up hermieying (sp?) and causing seeds in some of my other plants. I’m pretty disappointed but chalking this up to a lesson learned.

I have started my next grow with GSC, Blueberry, and Gorilla Glue...
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