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Pain by Susan Lee

Julie Gardener

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Pain by Susan Lee​

I started to smoke cannabis about eight weeks ago. I have arthritis in both feet, plantar fasciitis in one foot, and I am an insulin dependent person with diabetes. I also suffer from luster migraines. A friend gave me a cannabis ciggy to try for the pain in my feet and WOW! The pain went away almost completely, and I no longer have to take large doses of ibuprofen. I mainly smoke it at night because I then have time to get to sleep while the pain is not there. I live in the UK and I know what I am doing is illegal but for me, it is worth the risk of getting caught. I would recommend this as a pain reliever to anyone. I was also a non-smoker before I tried cannabis, and it has not made me crave ordinary ciggies during the day.

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