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Pain relief and relaxation


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hello all, i have a severe medical problem all my life and without going into detail i have severe pain and uncomfort. i only get my smoke from local friends but this seems like the best place to post. weed helps ease my pain just as well as strong painkillers because although it isnt a painkiller it takes the edge off it and helps me relax and sleep when the pain gets too much.i usually build up a tollerance to painkillers after a while and they can be very addictive, this isnt a problem with weed. without it i dont know how id cope with everything. i just wish politicians and such who make the laws on marijuana could realize the help it gives to people when all else fails instead of looking for the easy vote by damning marijuana in a stereotypical way without really looking into what help it gives. i wish people like me were taking more seriously instead of being wrote off as just a 'druggie' who is heading for harder drugs.
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