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Pain Spasms and Nausea: Cannabis/Marijuana is the Best, Safest Treatment

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(MOLALLA, Ore.) - Although Cannabis/Marijuana is known to be very effective for treating many diseases (see: Medical Marijuana use: Miracle Medicine Good For Dozens of Diseases on salem-news.com for May 26, 2009 for a list of the 50 or so medical conditions for which C/MJ is very effective). This list was originally compiled by Granny Storm Crow who also has this listing with many medical journal references which proves beyond any doubt that C/MJ is truly effective for many diseases. I have chosen the diseases in the title because those three conditions represent the most patient diagnosis and main reason for wanting a permit to grow, carry and use C/MJ.

Pain from ANY source represents about 70% of patients. Spasms represent about 20% and nausea (caused by many other drugs) is about 10%. Although these three conditions total about 100% there are 6 more conditions on the Oregon list. Many patients have two or even more conditions but a patient needs only ONE to get a permit.

Recently, June 1, 2011, the State of Oregon District Attorneys sent out a "witch hunt" list effectively stating that all grow sites are illegal because the growers MUST BE selling their product. How else could they stay in business? I have news for these "sissy kissers", the Oregon Law gives them no other alternative and with some 60,000 legally licensed patients and caregivers, how does John Kroger, Oregon Attorney General and the 33 District Attorneys, think that the on-going "dispensaries" can be monitored?? It sounds like these Attorneys have switched to high grade scotch or "good grade" Mary Jane which has affected their celebrations.

The general public voted at least twice to legalize Medical Marijuana and this same group of voters voted all of you into office and pay your salaries. I think some retro-thinking is required here.

One other factor these attorneys haven't/aren't considering is that most of the 40,000 or 60,000 card holders have been using C/MJ for about 30-40 years with some using for about 60 years.

Another fact, the greater number of high school and college kids have their own systems of use and supply and they aren't even card holders. Those students as a group have been smoking for years and some of the attorneys children are using Cannabis/Marijuana as I write this. Go "sniff out" the U of Oregon campus and elsewhere.

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I'd like to see the "authorities'" figures for the numbers of "children getting their drugs through dispensaries" in Oregon. Magical thinking on the part of LE does not make it so.

Love Dr. Phil Leveque, "the most dangerous man in Oregon." ;-)
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