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PakaloloGrow is Social Equity Program, Tier 1 Verified


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Hello everybody, I recently applied to the Los Angeles County Department of Cannabis Regulation's program called the Social Equity Program Social Equity Program | Department of Cannabis Regulation , and I was verified as a Tier 1 applicant. This program is to help low income people whom were affected by the war on drugs and either have an arrest or conviction for marijuana prior to 2016 own and operate a Los Angeles County Licensed Adult retail or medical cannabis dispensary.

Tier 1 applicants are entitled to these benefits:

"expedited application and renewal processing, business licensing and compliance assistance as well as the potential for fee deferral and access to an industry investment fund if established."

I accidentally learned about this program while browsing through the departments website, I just happened to find it during the two month window that the application process was open between May 28th - July 29th.

I only ever had the intention of becoming a caretaker for patients whom needed medicinal cannabis, I always thought it would be a long shot to ever own a dispensary. This program is giving me the opportunity to be an owner, I have to take advantage of this situation.

Phase 3 Round 1, License processing begins September 3rd and there are 100 licenses that will be issued. Only Tier 1 Social Equity Applicants are able to apply for these, and it is a first come first serve basis as well as round 2, which begins sometime after that, there will be 150 licenses available. As well as a delivery pilot program.
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So for a partner to qualify they must have a previous marijuana conviction within the state of California prior to 2016 as well as be a resident of LA County, California?
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