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PakaloloHawaii's LED High Brix Garden

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Plant of the Month: Feb 2015
Thanks guys for coming by it sure is going to be an amazing journey! No pics right now but we can talk a bit about what's going on in the garden.

Many of you might know that was running all TopLED for the last few rounds. For various reasons, they fit the bill. But that is no more!

Wish I could change the title of the thread haha but now we have 2x600 in my 4x4 dr120, and a 300 in my 3x3 dr90! I'll be running the veg spectrum on the 300.

I know everyone is excited about the lights so let's talk about those first! 11-spectrum! I guess I had forgot that my Mars was only 5-spectrum? Shit that makes me laugh now that I think about it. I love LEDs but I don't think they are perfect yet and spectrum is where it counts! I went for the mars before because it was a budget option and everything else that looked good was $$$$$$$$ and out of the question. My passion for this plant will take me to the end of the earth in search of quality so anything I can do to refine my produce is worth it IMO.

I'm really stoked on having two lights hanging in my tent. Multi point light sources reducing shadows yay!

I've got them around 24", they are plenty bright and I prefer the blending of light at that height, I think if we look at the par readings, my mars 1200 was putting out 745 umols at 24", and I was hanging my 1200 closer to 32",

Temps are also holding steady in the garden, and my canopy level hygrometer even showing a 2 degree drop in temp?!? Previously was around 75-80 and now is 73-77. Wow!

It's been almost 2 days on my plants and they are all reaching for the light. Leaves look really shiny and happy and pistils are bright white and standing tall! They truly look to be enjoying the enhanced spectrum.

The numbers sure are nice, and the plants look happy, and the environment is perfect. But really guys, you ready for the kicker??

I opened the tent this evening, and the smell fucking blew me away!. Way more stink than yesterday!

That is how I'm sure these lights are the real deal.
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They're in the $180 - $270 range depending upon model and where you get em
Thanks Bud...

Where do you get them?

Very high end for an exhaust but if it works. Gonna have to figure out how to slip it by wifey...LOL.

She's gonna flip when my last purchase comes to the house...LOL.

I ain't a scurd...LOL.


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Found them...

Clamazon has the XS model for$180 but found it as low as $164 on another site.

Thanks again Bud...


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I have adequate quiet ventilation using home sleezepole inline 250CFM for about $20 - I run 2 of them now and have an extra in the box as a backup unit.
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