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Palatal Myoclonus by Christopher

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Palatal Myoclonus by Christopher​

I am a male 52-year-old Ivy League cum laude graduate. I grew up in New York City, but now I live in Henderson, NV. I am self-employed.

I hadn't smoked weed for 19 years until last September when I was diagnosed with Palatal Myoclonis. As you know this malady is a small tremor in the back of the palate. I was lucky to meet the fine doctor (a brilliant neurologist in New York educated at Harvard Medical School) who made the diagnosis. What hadn't been diagnosed for 20 years he found in 15 minutes.

Unfortunately, there is no known cure, only prophylactic drugs. Those drugs, however, have very nasty side effects. They make the "cure" worse than the original malady. The best of those suggested was Valium. I wasn't about to start taking an addictive drug, especially as a prophylactic.

It seemed like all the drugs on the list of possible remedies were relaxants of some kind. That's when it dawned on me that good-old WEED might be the answer. So I called up my Doctor and asked, "What about weed?" It was as if a light went off in his head and he said, "Yes, that might work. Try it." Boy am I glad I did.

What's happened since I've resumed using weed (I usually use a vaporizer) is quite amazing. My tremors have been eased. I hardly notice them. There have been ancillary benefits as well.

My blood pressure is back to normal. I had a previous doctor that wanted to put me on medication to alleviate a pre-hypertension condition. I'm happy that I refused. The weed keeps my blood pressure pretty much close to normal (120/77.) As far as I'm concerned, weed is the cure for high blood pressure.

Believe it or not I've also lost weight. At first I thought that gaining weight might be a problem because of the munchies weed can give you. But for whatever reason, I've been able to take off 15 pounds with another 15 to go; when that happens I'll be back to 155, the weight I had in my twenties! So weed may be helpful as a diuretic as well.

There have been other benefits. My lady thinks I'm a nicer person when using weed. I agree. I'm more sociable (weed as an aphrodisiac certainly helps.)

While writing this testimonial I feel like what I'm saying is redundant. I'm thrilled of course with my results, but I'm not saying anything we already don't know. I just want to get this wonderful weed legalized so we can move on already. This shouldn't be an issue any more. The criminals fighting to keep it illegal must fall.

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I am so glad you posted this thread :nicethread: as I have PM and I've tried _everything_ except weed. I'm wondering if you'd please tell me some more details. I'm happy to hear it helps you so much, but what about when you're not using it... does the PM come back right away or has it changed over time with use of weed? I tried all kinds of drugs and they all made me feel stoned and useless, but I'll try anything once. Do you use a specific kind? Oh, please, give me a little more info... thanks a bunch.

I've had PM for three years (don't have pain, fortunately) and though I've become more used to the noise and the tremor during the days, but nights are hard and it wakes me up with a bang in the mornings.

It's so interesting about your blood pressure comment. I've always been hypertensive and thought it had something to do with getting the PM.


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Hi dlperkins1,

Glad that you found this story. Sorry to say that I am not the original poster and this data was placed here to help spread the word of how Cannabis helps cure whatever specific medical condition an individual may have. I wish I could give you more information about the poster but that is not the case.

Best of health to you and may you always find what you need. :love:

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All the stories in this section are 100% true to my knowledge. This story as well as all the others in this section were taken from another source and placed here as an in house resource for our community. To answer question, yes this story is actual, there is a Christopher but we have no knowledge of where he can be found for further information.

I personally do believe that smoking Cannabis, preferably vaporizing, will help you sleep better. An Indica strain may good for night and a Sativa during the day.

Here is a good place to take a look at the effects of each strain https://www.420magazine.com/forums/...strain-best-your-condition-sativa-indica.html. But of course we all are affected differently so you may experiment with different stains and hybrids to see which ones work best for you.

Hope this helps...

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