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Panama x Malawi - Probiotic & Organic Indoor Soil Grow


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Congrats on your harvest buddy.. that's awesome. Always good to see full jars.

Man you're fast with the hash making.. You should come and visit. I have a weeks worth of hash work!

Love that stuff, have no idea what I'm doing when I make it tho.

1 word for ya:

Nug contest

2 words but they roll off my tongue like its 1 word.

Great job and congrats, G/L with the next round.

Maybe the Sativa high comes more from the terpines and less from the THC... I'm thinking that as I've had the same feeling as you making freezer hash out of sativa trim.

What's in VEG bro?
Heh maybe next month I'll post in the NOTM if the competition isn't as stiff as this month's lol

Right now I have some Alaskan Thunderfuck seedlings I'm trying to get ready for outdoor, but I tried putting them into some of the soil from the backyard and they don't like it. They're 3-4 weeks old and barely look 2 weeks old.

Very nice, Fert. That haul should keep you in the green for a while.
Full jars are good, but too bad this stuff is kind of fluffy lol There's only 160 grams in that picture total.

I shut down my indoor stuff for the summer because I can't deal with the heat, so hopefully something comes of these ATF outdoor I got going because I doubt this supply will last all summer.

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Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing this grow with us.

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