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Recently I was reading about terpenes, and terpenoids in cannabis. You know, how different-smelling strains have different "highs" associated with them. I thought it sounded interesting.

From what I was able to find, terpenes are found in essential oils and aromatherapists recommend them in various inhaled, ingested, and topically applied forms. Some to bring about a mood or feeling, and others for things like inflammation, detoxification, or to settle an upset stomach. The terpenes in cannabis aren't only found in cannabis buds. They're also found in lemons and pine needles and all those kitchen herbs used to spice up a dish, not to mention they're the active ingredients in cough drops and vicks vaporub. We eat them and inhale them all the time. They're nature's flavoring and smelling ingredients.

So if terpenes shape the effect of the cannabis you smoke, it seems logical that if you were to change the terpenes of the herb you smoke while keeping everything else equal, that you'd change the effect. This is why big pharma has been investing in developing strains of cannabis with very precise terpene profiles.

Pan's Ink is a product that is used to modify the terpene profile of my smoking herb to achieve specific medicated effects. It is made with essential oils like those found in the rind of lemon and the flowers of clary sage. I was introduced to Pan's Ink by a friend of mine in Oregon. She knew the guy who started the company and he had given her some free samples to try out. I felt like I noticed a difference when I tried hers out. I have since purchased my own bottles. Each bottle costs $10 and mine has lasted me for several months now and I use it pretty frequently. It's packaged in a little dropper bottle, and comes in 3 different "effects". You drop a single drop on your herb a minute before you smoke (the waiting is the hardest part). Pan's Ink also claims to make any strain more potent, so I tried out my Ink on some month-old lemon skunk (a sativa strain) I had lying around.

The first mix I tried is called Drowsy (in a purple bottle), and it definitely did make me drowsy when I added it to my packed bowl. Kind of felt like an Indica. Heavy, sleepy. It tasted good too–like spiced rum or gingerbread cookies.

The second "effect" is called Focus (in a green bottle). To be honest, I didn't feel much of a difference with this one. Maybe that particular mix of terpenes doesn't do it for me. The friend who introduced me to the product really likes it. She's a Type A personality. She says that focus allows her to feel the lift from the cannabis, but didn't make her head feel like it was detached and floating. It tasted like lemons and was a bit piney and sharp.

The third "effect" is called Daydream (in a blue bottle). Daydream made me feel very relaxed and light. Kind of like a lavender haze. It tastes flowery and earthy.

And keep in mind that all of these very different effects were coming from the same month-old shake. I am a convert!

I recommend Pan's Ink to those who wish to have control over their high. It saves me money, tastes nice, and lets me get what I want from my herb.

Overall: 8/10
Whoa! I didn't think as many people knew about pan's ink. I tried it about a month ago. I tried their drowsy product. Took two rips - felt higher than I've ever felt before, and passed out. I need to order myself a bottle. Pan's Ink is awesome!
I've had a great experience with Pan's Ink. I had a lot of delivery problems, not their fault, but after a month of one single order not getting to me to ease my stress they upgraded my order complementary. I was very pleased with the customer service. I spoke through facebook to them to settle my problem and I got speedy and kind service. I would just like to give my positive feedback to them and I recommend anyone who has atleast 12$ to spare - ORDER SOME INK! - :)
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