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Papaya Goes Soil - CFL - 2nd Grow - Soil Grow Journal


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Ok everyone! Here is a much needed update on my PAPAYA'S! The buds are getting so fat and dense now. My screen is so packed with buds they are touching! I hope this doesnt cause a problem with mold. I am keeping my RH low around 40-45 percent to hopefully keep mold away. Fan is on high blowing on them!

Im hoping they start growing upwards more... My last papaya grew straight up and kept stretching as her buds was forming. These are just getting fatter and fatter. Hopefully they will start growing upwards soon. I raised my 600 about 4 inches hoping they would grow up more?

Tried to use some different lights shinning on them to take pictures! That 600 is just so bright its takes over the color! Was gone for 4 days and i water every 3 so she was very thirsty today when i watered. Watered with full strength nutes! I may even have to start watering every 2 - 2.5 days because 3 is getting to long in between watering.












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Thanks! There is some great information on this site to help you out and get started homegrown! My lighthouse hydro tent is the cheapest/best for the price tent out there. Its all metal construction and joints which is a BIG plus.... You dont want plastic joints like 90 percent of the cheaper tents. Get you a 400 or 600 watt cool tube and a carbon filter with fan and you are set! Good luck!


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Just build a net that fits in your closet and let your plant cover your closet area! Your whole closet would be colas! I am loving the SCROG though... Its awesome that all the colas are almost the same size and height.


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Yep! Just put the net over them and veg them until the net is 3/4 full! Then switch to flowering and keep tucking for about 2 weeks from the switch and it will fill the remaining. Then just let them grow! Im so amazed at my buds growth and even canopy. Each bud is almost identical! I love it!


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First real scrog here also lol and im loving it so much more controlled than my first 2 grows lol

i hope mine looks as good as yours - although it will be not as big :)


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You can kinda do what ever you want. Mine actually got bigger than i wanted before i put the net over them as i didnt have the space available yet. I believe the recommended inches is around 12 if im not mistaken. I just did mine when i could. Mine are actually around 19-20 inches between top of soil and net.

I have some leaf bleaching and learned that i had the light way to close lol... I moved the light up to around 18 inches from the top of the canopy. Its really hard to see colors under this HPS. Im going to wait around till the lights go off and inspect with a CFL to get a good look! I might take a few pics if i can.


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Checked on PAPAYA's last night and i for sure had the light to close! The 1 foot section directly under the light has some leaf bleaching and also is where a few of the leaf burns were coming from. Around the light everything is lush and green except for a little nute burn from last watering. I raised the light to around 18 inches now so we will see how they do! I underestimated the power of this HPS!!! Maybe my colas will start to grow upward more now also!

You can see the yellowing right under the light where it has been to close. Look close and you will see some bleaching and leaf burn directly under the light. Its so hard to see colors under the HPS!



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Looks very good....


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Thanks everyone!!! I know Greenthumb J, I cant wait either. Dont forget to invite me when you do! Two runs of papaya for me so you know I enjoyed it!

So since i have corrected my light to close issue everything is running better than ever. No more dead leaves around or crispy leaves. There was no "taco" leaves or any signs of heat stress. This is why it confused me. I thought it was pH issues at first so i starved my poor girls and then started back feeding because i realized they were having deficiencies because of no food and also cooking my poor girls lol... Any way they are looking good now and I didnt make to dramatic mistakes enough to kill them! I do believe the starving issue will lower my yield this grow as it was during prime time bud production. They still have at least 3 more weeks though so hopefully they really fatten up! My goal this grow was 12 ounces but i believe i will be a little shy of that this grow! We will see!


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great growing.


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Update Time!!!!
Turned the lights of to check trichomes today so i figured i would do a quick picture update as well! Trichomes are 100% cloudy. With my hydro papaya i harvest in 6 more days. Im going to let these go at least 2-3 more weeks. I will start my flushing sometime next week and just harvest when they are ready.

They are looking AMAZING! So many trichomes and the buds are very very dense. I wished they would have grew up and a little bigger but i was late getting my HPS. In my opinion they have done very well with the small time they have been under the HPS.

You cant see it well but the WHOLE under screen is a layer of bud. I cant wait to cut these buds out and get a final weight!

Enjoy. A lot of pictures!


















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