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Paralyzer Bubble Hash


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Strain (Name):I called it "Paralyzer" due to its crippling effects and major couchlock effect, made from some heavy duty strains "Herijuana x Romulan x Skywalker x Haze"

Taste:very very hashy, very smooth also simply perfect
High:like the name says its very Crippling effect very very heavy buzz
Appearance:was a very nice darker green colour but the more it was worked it got a little darker
Texture (Dense/Airy/etc...):gummy, soft sticky as f#$k
Smell:Absolutely Unbelievable! An awesome mixture of the finest hash mixed with the finest weed
Overall:honestly 10/10 this is the first time I've smoked let alone made my own Bubble Hash and it is as good as the Lebanese, Moroccan and Afghanistan types of hashish I have had in Europe, anybody that grows its so worth it to invest in the bags and make some
Additional Comments:simply WoW! it takes very little to go a long way, I love this bubble system the high is absolutely amazing :rasta:

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sounds awesome! that HAS GOT TO BE some incredible hash!


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I'm glad you made the strain report. . . i like the name too man, keep it up. . . the grow was awsome and the fruits of your labor sound as fruitfull as can be!! good report!! you get an A+


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Awesome man
Did you make the bubble hash out of trim or bud? How much of it was used and how much bubble hash was made in the end? Looks gnarly, I bet it kocks you right on your ass ;)


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That does sound amazing man really good mixture I would be amazed by herijuana alone but with the other strains to must be some rlly potent stuff have fun smokin P-420 :bong:
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thanks guys

I used X-Tractor bubble bags (Canadian company) there is about 6g ball (was 8g) of hash made of leaf, trim and small leftover buds.


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Fucking eh, my brother!


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looks like some damn good H, smoke up
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